HWPL 1st day, Man Hee Lee Opening Speech

∇ Knock knock~

∇ May I come in?

◊ Sure, welcome to HWPL event scene in jamsil Seoul Main Stadium.

◊ Now, here is HWPL Opening Speech scene.

◊ Shh… HWPL, Man Hee Lee chairman is delivering his speech.

◊ Listen carefully to his opening speech^^

. . . . . .

Man Hee Lee speechMy dear family members of the global community, and you the precious guest at this Peace Summit, the last duty we have to fulfil in our generation is to achieve the cessation of wars on Earth. Our final task is to achieve world peace, and leave it as an inheritance for our future generations.

There truly is nothing greater or more precious in this world. The record of this work will be remembered throughout history – an eternal, shining testimony, giving honour to all who shared in the work. Peace belongs to us all, not only to certain individuals. Let us all, therefore, become the messengers of peace – those who finally achieve world peace. Thank you.

♥ From HWPL 1st day, Man Hee Lee Chairman Opening Speech ♥

HWPL Summit 1st Day, Card Performances about “ending war on this earth and achieve world peace” video “Pleasurable Appreciation^^”

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