HWPL First Day

HWPL Summit 1st day, 17th September, 2014

This article is continued from yesterday posting(https://edelweisshwplpeace.wordpress.com/2015/02/25/hwpl-peace-agreement-ceremony/)

HWPL Summit 1st Day

The WARP Summit was the largest event where politicians, people of religion, and representatives of various organizations from all around the world attended. The summit, which is the result of Mr. Lee’s World Peace Tours so far, is expected to serve as the foundation for bringing all wars to an end and achieving world peace.

HWPL day, ArirangThe agreement stated that religious leaders must unite their religions as one under the Creator in order to bring all wars to an end and leave world peace as a legacy to future generations, and representatives of the UN should make the utmost efforts to enact an international law for the cessation of all wars and contribute to world peace. It also stated that all the signatories should become peace advocates who deliver this news to people around the world and encourage them to cooperate in the work of achieving world peace. As the agreement was read aloud, it was emphasized once again that peace cannot be achieved by one individual but achieved through the unity of all people working together as one.

A variety of congratulatory performances including “Dance of Peace, Festival of Light” and “World is One” were presented.  Look at “Arirang” in the picture above↑↑

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