HWPL, Card-section performance story


Card performance story

Card-section performance of world peace and cessation of wars 12,000 members of IPYG will stage a card-section performance.

This dynamic performance will deliver a message of about the fulfillment of world peace and the cessation of wars.

♦ HWPL, Card-section performance Story

The heavens where the sun, moon and stars shine bright.

The land where the flowers blossom and the birds sing.

A beautiful world filled with the children’s innocent smiles.

But a war trampled my dream and my family whom I love.

For whom and what is a war?

In the midst of an agonizing world where one points his gun to another, what we desire is peace!

The ingredient of fulfilling peace appeared to us who have been fervently waiting for peace.

We can become one through Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light.

The whole world can become one.

The religions can also become one.

True harmony of the religions, an unprecedented event in human history.

At the unprecedented “WARP”, wars come to their ends and world Peace finally begins.

This video is continued from former video(HWPL Summit 1st Day, Card Performances about “ending war on this earth and achieve world peace” video).

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