International Peace Youth Group

To encourage every individual to become involved with the work of peace, on May 25th, 2013, IPYG launched its International Peace Walk movement. IPYG’s Peace Walk initiative offers every person, young or old, a way to actively contribute to the peace effort.

HWPL, IPYGMoreover, these peace walks act as a stepping stone to further awareness of current global conflicts and their respective peace efforts. Launched in Seoul, South Korea, one of the most fast-paced, growing international hubs of the world, IPYG’s Peace Walk movement has since expanded and been established in 23 countries worldwide, including the United States, Kenya, the Philippines, Portugal and Germany.


The Departure of ‘International Peace Youth Group’~!

HWPL looks to empower every community and individual through a grassroots approach, where affiliates and small organizations have initiated local walks in parks, schools, popular landmarks and major transit streets. By 2014, a year after its official initiation (and after many years of effort and planning), now over 100,000 youth have participated in the IPYG Peace Walk movement. Having recognized themselves as key agents of change, the youth demographic working for peace within HWPL continues to rapidly grow in size.

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