Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee quotes

 Mr. Man hee Lee proclaimed “Walk for World Peace departure.”

Declaration of World Peace

Man Hee Lee Quotes

Man Hee quotesOfficially Man Hee Lee proclaimed at 5.25 Peace Walk at the Peace Gate, the Declaration of World Peace is HWPL’s vision for sustainable peace.

“The Heavens and the Earth formed by the hands of the Creator have been given to humanity as an inheritance.
In all the universe, life in its vast splendour exists only on our world.The life that grows on the earth is sustained from above – by light, by the rain, and by the air they provide unconditionally to all living beings.
We have received the precious gift of life from above, let us give glory to heaven, and live in peace on earth. This is the truest teaching of heaven.

‘Man Hee Lee part 1’ scooped from Declaration of World Peace

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