I brought up Man Hee Lee’s quotes about ‘vessel’

I confirmed he is a man of high caliber according to Man Hee Lee quotes

He is my great spiritual leader.

Let him have his say, listen!

Man Hee Lee

We must grow our bowls. We cannot be disgraceful people.

◊ The one who fails is generous to himself.

◊ If we hang onto the little things and not focus on the big works, we end up to be ◊ just a small-minded man, like a minnow.

◊ Just as humans wash their feet, we have to wash ourselves continuously.

◊ We cannot work for the same goal with one who does not put in their effort.

◊ Before learning about the knowledge of the bible, we have to learn about humanity.

◊ One who receives righteous actions but does not change, becomes a person who is not needed.

◊ One who criticizes will receive harm. We must be people who loves eachother.

   ◊                                                                ◊

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