Mr. Man Hee Lee Works

 Works of Mr. Man Hee Lee

A Commitment to End War
Through the signing of the HWPL Peace Agreement, leaders join a commitment to earnestly work together for peace through the unity of religions and the cessation of war by meeting often and updating one another and their respective constituents.
To advance the commitment, HWPL regularly hosts dialogues to convene leaders in engaging, in-depth analyses in smaller settings. With the opportunity to collaborate together in these round-table discussions, leaders are able to construct practical solutions to the issues at hand.
On a larger scale, HWPL also hosts regional peace conferences in the major international hubs of the world, including Seoul, Washington D.C., Frankfurt, and Cape Town.


May, 25, 2013
Mr. Man Hee Lee made Declaration of World Peace

The First Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace

It has been one year since the Declaration of World Peace
New York
Los Angleles

Declaring the beginning of an era of peace!

Announcing a new era for peace at the Peace Gate in Jamsil
30,000 youth representing 130 countries walking ofr world peace

The Declaration of World Peace: Putting the words into action

Mr Lee is a mentor for the Youth: Mr. Lee’s vision for the future
The Youth of the world and continue working for peace sharing cultural peace were thire countries.
For the people of the world the Declaration World Peace.

The Peace Walk of the youth following the heart Mr Lee Man Hee has for peace
The Declaration of World Peace: a message demonstrating that peace is possible

Next time, I am going to bring <Mr. Man Hee Lee’s Quotes> from ‘The Declaration of World Peace’ his speech.

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