HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee Quotes from Speech Ⅳ

Mr. Man Hee Lee Quotes from Speech Ⅳ

Again, Mr. Man Hee Lee is a chairman, HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light)

Mr. Man Hee Lee Quotes from his Speech Commemorative speech of the 1st annual ceremony of Declaration of World Peace

Man Hee Lee

Δ Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL, PEACE SEMINAR Δ

This contents of “Man Hee Lee Quotes from Speech Ⅳ(with religious leaders)” is continued from contents of“Man Hee Lee Quotes from Speech Ⅲ(Current and former presidents, Kings and other leaders part)”

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To this end, I have also met with religious leaders.
Ones who are most able to start bringing us together; leaders with authority like cardinals and arch-bishops.
And again, what do you think I said to them when we met?

If a religion is based on one true will of God, the Creator, then what reason could there possibly be for using it as a motivation for conflict, war, and the taking of life? How could anyone do such things?

I have also explained to each one that I have yet to meet a single person of any religion who has attained mastery of their respective holy texts.

I said that if there is anyone who thinks they have mastered their scriptures, I would like to give them a test to see if what they say is true.

Now perhaps these people question on what authority I make such claims. To this I say that I, as a person of faith, have mastered the holy texts given to me, that is the Bible.
It is vital that people of faith, we must first know the truth ourselves before we can claim to teach it to others.

Without knowledge, how can one teach?

If one doesn’t know the will of heaven, how can one be sure he or she will enter it?

If one cannot be sure of entering heaven oneself, how can one make the claim to be able to lead others there?

So, I asked the following:
if there is only one Creator, why are there so many religions?
Are there many creators, each with their own religion?

Now is the time for all religions to return to their source – the Lord of all religion; the Creator.
Is this not the truth? I have told them the truth.

I have appealed to each to become one under the Creator.
When religion becomes one, the conflicts that are fuelled and encouraged by our different ideologies will be resolved.

This is what I told them.

What do you think their response was?
They agreed with me.

Of course, if what I am saying is true, I should be able to produce some kind of evidence, Should I not?
So, each of them also signed an agreement with us.
They agreed to bring religions together so that they might unite.
This is not just something that happened in one country, but in every country I have visited.
Today, there are few places that I haven’t been to.
I have completed ten trips around the world(but, now 2015: 16 times).
Peace is not something that will just happen by itself, so what do you think the next step is?

Well, with the agreements signed by presidents, former presidents and religious leaders, I went to the press and media. From there, I told them exactly what it happened so they could broadcast the news all around the world. Why do you think I did that? I did it so all the people might know about this.

What do you think I did next?
In order to achieve world peace, the reporters in this world have a major role to play.

I have appealed to them to join and go register as members of HWPL through IWPG and IPYG.
To as many reporters as I have met, I have given HWPL badges,in the hopes that they will join us in a spirit of spreading the message of peace.

So, considering all these things, I have told you that I have the solution to creating world peace.
So what is this solution?

Take a look at me. In this world, I am nothing special.

If I had gone before all the people I have met simply in my own capacity, nothing would have been achieved. These things were only possible because the one who sent me opened the hearts of the people I met.

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