Man Hee Lee Quotes from Speech Ⅵ

Man Hee Lee

Man Hee Lee Quotes from his Speech Ⅵ

I love Peace ♡

We love Peace ♡

I want Peace ♥

We want Peace ♥

Man Hee Lee

Today is the last day of “Man Hee Lee Quotes from his Speech” from his Speech Commemorative speech of the 1st annual ceremony of Declaration of World Peace.

This quotes of “Man Hee Lee Quotes from Speech Ⅵ(conclusion)” is continued from quotes of “Man Hee Lee Quotes from Speech Ⅴ(WARP Summit)”

It’s been only one year since we first made the declaration of World Peace.
In order to commemorate the first anniversary of the Declaration of World Peace Made on May 25, 2013.
each branch of HWPL, IPYG, and IWPG is conducting their own commemoration event, and this is being broadcast live to their locations as we speak. This is all in preparation for the WARP summit which will be held later this year. All the representatives of women’s and young adult organizations will participate in the WARP Summit later this year in September for the purpose of peace.

If not, them all women’s and young adult representatives would have gathered at Seoul.
Right now, there are probably similar numbers of people in Seoul.
Everyone who has been invited will be watching at this moment as it is broadcast to them;
the various branches of HWPL, IPYG, and IWPG all over the world are also watching.

We are united at this moment through this event.
We who are born in the same generation have been born to a duty of making world peace a reality.

It is up to us to leave a legacy of peace to our descendants.
We should not be those who instead of creating peace choose to line we should not be those who instead of creating peace choose to line our won greed.
We can not be those who choose personal exultation over our service to humanity.

If we live with the same spirit of self-sacrificial service that so many have already given up their lives, and surely the heavens will help us.

These people who are buried here are people who died in that kind of spirit-let us be ones who live in it.
It is time for wars fuelled by our lack of unity as humanity to disappear from this world.
I have gone to war, I was in battle, and I was even shot.
But now, wars like that must disappear from this world.
And also, the conflicts that are caused by religion will not happen when all religions are united as one.
In the Philippines, a country of about 120 million people, there is a  region called Mindanao.
This is an island which has been locked in an ethno-religious conflict for over 40 years.
Even the government could not intervene in such a way as to ring the conflict to an end.

As I mentioned, this conflict was between two religious groups, both of which claimed to be the custodians of the truth and know the will fo God, the Creator.

Although the conflicts were fought with machine guns between seemingly political forces, at its heart, it stems from the difference in values and ideologies espoused by the two religions.

In that kind of environment, with all those guns about, I didn’t even bring a knife. What I brought with me, was peace. There we did a peace walk – the same as I did in every other country I visited.
There we did a peace walk – the same as I did in every other country I visited.
The youth, local governmental and religious leaders all came together.
And women gathered at the walk as well.

Man Hee Lee quotes

First, I let representatives of their different groups speak so I could hear what their thoughts were.
After each representative spoke, I took the stage.
And what do you think I said? simply asked them which of them wanted the conflict to continue.
None of them wanted that.
So them I asked them which of them wanted peace.
All who were gathered there raised their hands.
So, then I asked whether they wanted to leave the destruction, death, and conflict they were experiencing to their next generation.
They all responded that they did not.
They wanted to leave a legacy of peace.
Because this was their honest intention, I told them that on that very day, before the Creator, and all the people of the world, and also, before myself, who stood there as a messenger of peace, they should sign the peace agreement.
This agreements stipulated that they would cease their warring activities and never again fight against one another. They agreed to stop doing these things that were not the will of the people, or heaven; They agreed to stop the violence and killing. After I said these things, they consented to sign the agreement. After the signing took place, there was a festival of peace. Within the following days, the rebel forces in the area also signed legal peace treaties with the government. Such a peace was only able to be achieved through the revelation of the truth. As a result of seeing the truth of their situation, the people were able to discern what the right course of action was.

We are living in a time when even if mankind is unable to achieve such things in his own strength, I believe that the heavens will act to bring it about.

Man Hee Lee Quotes
This is why we are holding the WARP summit this year.
Does peace belong to an individual?
Is it owned by a corporation? No.
It belongs to us all, to the family of humanity, and to our world.
This is why, once again, I call on all the people of world to become messengers of peace.
If we do this, we can bring about world peace. Let us leave a legacy of peace to those who come after us.

Thank you very much for listening.

Thank you.


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