Man Hee Lee Quotes from Declaration of World Peace 2

  man hee lee quotes

May 25 2013
A historic moment for World Peace

※ Officially proclaimed at 5.25 Peace Walk at the Peace Gate, the Declaration of World Peace is HWPL’s vision for sustainable peace

man hee lee

The declaration of World Peace is announcing the beginning of an era of peace

This quotes of “Man Hee Lee Quotes from Declaration of World Peace 2” is continued from quotes of “Man Hee Lee Quotes from Declaration of World Peace. Now, let’s go into the scene.

Let the Walk for World Peace and Restoration begin!

Man Hee Lee

We call on the heads of state of every country to sign an international agreement – a commitment to bringing all wars to an end.
We ask them to do this from a spirit of deep-seated love for the people of their country.
We call on all youth to unite in an effort to stop wars and pursue the restoration of peace by agreeing not to fight one another. For Worldz Peace to become a reality, this is the duty of all youth, everywhere.
The only way to stop the fighting and pointless, tragic deaths, is to stop fighting.
Nobody can ask for anything greater than this, and know that your efforts – the efforts of the young people of the world today in pursuit of peace – will remain as a never fading light of life for all future generations.
Furthermore, we call on every person, every man, woman, and child in the world, to pick up the mantle of peace.
In whatever way you can, we ask that you work to further the cause of world peace and restoration,
making it a reality in your direct environments.
Lastly, we call on the media to report responsibly and promote a message of peace to the world.
World peace and restoration has begun at the same time this declaration is proclaimed.
Thank you

Man Hee Lee Quotes

Mr. Man Hee Lee is working to spread the message of World Peace!


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