HWPL Man Hee Lee Quotes

Peace advocate of HWPL, Man Hee Lee gave a speech on the topic of “Cessation of wars and World Peace,”

Man Hee Lee Quotes, Peace advocate of HWPL

Man Hee Lee HWPL“Religion, which should love all lives, is causing conflicts in which people’s lives are taken, putting the world at risk of destruction.

The only way to protect the world from destruction is the religious leaders come together as one, “

World Alliance of Religions: Peace Summit (WARP), Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, Peace advocate Man Hee Lee) organized a conference on the theme “According to the will of the Creator, all religions become one” last Thursday, at the Grand Ballroom Building 63 Convention Center in Yeouido, Seoul.

During the conference, speeches were delivered on the cessation of wars, religious conflict and world peace, and the Signing Ceremony of the Peace Agreement was held.

 Man Hee Lee quotes

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