Violent Acts in Nigerian Religious Institutions: The Urgency of Amendments to International Law

HWPL Press Release
Violent Acts in Nigerian Religious Institutions: The Urgency of Amendments to International Law

Peace Advocate Man Hee Lee is Not Slowing Down at Age 83(now 85)- Taking His Message Straight to the United Nations to host a Conference to Discuss a Solution to War


peaceNew York, NY (December 3, 2014)- The 16th World Tour of Korean Peace Advocate Man Hee Lee. He comes to address United Nations (UN) officials and religious leaders of the need to amend international law. Violations of international humanitarian law are illegal, yet war continues to exist. Mr. Lee’s Peace initiative of an international law for the cessation of wars will be the focus of the Peace Resolution 2015 at the UN this week. In light of the tragic bombing of Kano’s Central Mosque in Northern Nigeria, he will meet UN General Assembly Senior Adviser to Africa, Mr. Sipho Seakamela to discuss the conflicts in need of resolution in Africa.

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee is the Chairman of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) an international peace organization that has made huge strides by reminding leaders and lawmakers of the global community of their responsibility to protect the citizens. Currently he is advocating strongly for the reunification of North and South Korea.

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee’s efforts will be the key factor in bringing peace and reconciliation between this divided nation. Recently on his 15th World Tour to Bucharest, Romania, he met with President-elect Klaus Ionhannis on the 21st of this month at the Senate Hall. Both leaders exchanged ideas concerning the peaceful reunification of Korea. Aware of the previous national challenges and current development in Romania, Mr. Lee also sought the counsel of Former President Emil Constantinescu.

HWPL’s peace delegation will be in New York to initiate policy change.

Man Hee Lee HWPLHWPL ended the violent, 40-year religious conflict in the Mindanao region of the Philippines between Catholic and Muslim communities as well as a lack of faith in the government. The religious leaders signed a peace agreement, which spurred the ceasefire this past January. While in New York, the delegation will meet with the Founder of We Care for Humanity, H.H. Princess Maria Torres of Mindanao. HWPL has brought light to Mindanao. The world is awaiting more.

On September 17-19, HWPL hosted the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit. More than
200,000 people and over 2,500 leaders from 170 countries gathered for the cessation of war and world
peace. Mr. Lee signed the Unity of Religion Agreement with twelve renowned religious
leaders, a much-needed step toward peace. Mr. Lee plans to implement a similar agreement pertaining to international law on a world-wide scale.


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