WARP Summit by HWPL, before day

WARP Summit by HWPL, before day

hwpl summit

Let’s see what WARP Summit by HWPL, before day, Sept. 16.  2014

Peace Summit before day

hwpl summit♣ Press Conference(14:00-15:00)

Official Press Conference with International Media for World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit

♣ Conference(15:00-17:00)

hwpl summitPreliminary Meeting of IPYG Youth Leaders

● Attendees: Representatives of 200 hwpl summitIPYG affiliate organizations

♣ Pre-Event Meeting of Former and Current Heads of State (17:30-18:30)

Preliminary Meeting of World hwpl summitLeaders for World Peace and the Cessation of War

● Attendees:
-Former and Current Heads of State, PrimeMinisters, Premiers, hwpl summitFirst Ladies, Heads of Parliaments, Chief Justices, Executive Director of the ICD, Foreign National Broadcasting Stations

♣ VIP Welcoming Banquet (18:30-21:00)

● Schedule
– Welcoming Reception
– HWPL Chairman’s Welcoming Address
– IWPG Chairwoman’s Welcoming Address
– Congratulatory Address

hwpl summit


★ 500 Youth group leaders from 134 nations participated

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