HWPL, International Hub for Peace Dialogue

HWPL, International Hub for Peace Dialogue (Europe)

Europe is one of the most active and prolific regional branches of HWPL, with the most number of signees of the Peace Agreement hailing from this region, including the Former Chancellor of Austria, Dr. Alfred Gusenbauer and the Former Prime Minister of Slovakia, Ivata Radicova. With the abundant history and cultural influence of Europe, HWPL has sought to involve both the religious, political and non-profit spheres within Europe in seeking solutions for peace.

In 2014, HWPL held a peace conference in the historical St. Nicolas Church in Leipzig, Germany, which led out to the streets of Germany for a candle-lit peace walk. In the past, HWPL was actively involved in several conferences hosted by UNESCO and the Supreme Court of Montenegro, among others; and notably, in 2014, HWPL partnered with the Institute of Cultural Diplomacy (ICD), marking the beginning of many peacebuilding efforts.

hwpl peace

“Respect for the other and the different must become widely embraced. But if injustice, double standards and accumulation of wealth by the few continues, there is little hope that peace will prevail. Therein lies the responsibility of powerful leaders.”
– Dr. Haris Silajdzic, Member of the Presidency of Bosnia Herzegovina (Chief of State)

4 thoughts on “HWPL, International Hub for Peace Dialogue

  1. Dan says:

    I agree with Dr. Silajdzic. We learn about respect to our neighbors from early age. But, we also need to learn how to extend our respect to people, who are different than us in ethnicity, religion, and view. Such type of respect will result world peace!


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