Peace or Pieces -A Yemeni Jouralist-


Either We Live In Peace
or We Live In Pieces

-A Yemenite Jouralist

Fakhri Al-Arashi, Peace, Yemen

Fakhri Al-Arashi,
the Chief Editor of National Yemen

The World Alliance of Religion Peaceful Summit (WARP) by HWPL was held in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul, for three days between the 16th -19th of September, 2014, highlighting the importance of peace for all religions.

It inspired the guests from media broadcasting channels, the press, electronic websites, and activists from around the globe.

The organizers grabbed the attention of many to attend, listen, debate and understand closely WARP: Peace maker, Man Hee Lee the chairman of HWPL, Nam Hee Kim, the IWPG chairwomen, and Steve Kim chairman of IYPG and many more prominent religious leaders including Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Tawakoul Karman from Yemen.

hwpl peace summitThe important thing for me and some other journalists was not the conference and the speeches, as we are used to such events as part of our media career. Like every organization in the world, WARP and its sister organizations were trying to market their ideologies and theoretical philosophies, aiming to build a reputable voice overseas. It was done through press conferences, through the festive opening ceremony, the walk for peace on the last day, and the opening activities of the summit sessions. The WARP chairman’s aimed to announce himself as the messenger of peace. This was absolutely fine to the Muslim community who attended the summit, but was not accepted when Man Lee designates himself the only person who receives divine inspiration. This was not attractive at all.

Honestly speaking, the volunteers and their faith events were the main vocal point of the summit, and they reflect back on someone who loves to do what he does. Thousands of volunteers had the responsibility to leave a wonderful impression on their guests.

Taking the challenge to organize and watch out for the basic and essential needs of their guests was an ideal way to find out on the third day of the conference that my personal driver Jea-Hyun Park was a teacher and volunteer for peace. He was an outstanding example of the hundreds of people in South Korea who do volunteer work with passion for success. I would like to see this in my own community in Yemen. The protocol in charge of me, Min Seon Kim, was a semi graduated university student. She was committed to the little details of my movement and working plans.

Here, mistakes are not accepted, and the accuracy of the Korean young talented generation was the most amazing and favorable part of my mission. Their patience and teamwork was a key success of the peace summit and distant from sectarian ideologies that ultimately end with a religious message.

Another source of attraction was the government of Korea who neither interfered nor supported the project of WARP. The relation here is very basic and the absence of officials has strategic concerns for the future of democracy and personal freedom.

To be continued ……


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