HWPL, Peace Summit: Press Conference “solution to religious conflicts”

This is Continued from “Press Conference for WARP: Peace Summit by HWPL”

Official Press Conference for the World Alliance of Religions: Peace Summit Commences

Solution for Peace is here 

HWPL, Peace Summit: Press Conference “A Real Solution to Religious Conflicts”


PeaceAlso, chairwoman of IWPG said, “Until now, women have been perceived as weak. But through peace advocate Man Hee Lee, I gained confidence that women can also play a central role in achieving world peace. This is because the power to protect the children who are forced out to battlefields is in the mothers. If all women in the world unite as one, I am certain that world peace will definitely be achieved.“

She is a global female leader and representative of IWPG.

Following the press conference on September 16 at the Cosmos Hall of Walker Hill Hotel, an HWPL affiliated organization called IPYG hosted a conference for more than 500 leaders of youth groups from 127 nations including nations that are experiencing conflicts such as the Balkan Peninsula, Ukraine, Yemen, Syria, and Israel. They discussed programs that can help build mutual understanding and trust.


Afterwards, a preliminary meeting of the WARP Advisory Council was held, where former and current presidents, prime ministers, premiers, chairmen of the national assemblies, and chief justices of the supreme courts from various nations gathered to share their experience in leadership and future peace initiatives.

Former and current heads of state, important figures from all walks of life and religious leaders with authority will attend this summit where they will devise a specific plan to put an end to wars around the world. They will also present a real solution to religious conflicts. The number of people attending the summit as well as the scale of this event is expected to be unprecedented.


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