Press Conference of WARP, Peace Summit

Press Conference of WARP, Peace Summit by HWPL

WARP, Peace Summit is a light to shine throughout our history.

hwpl peace conference

Man Hee Lee of HWPL Quote

From Post-Event Press Conference of WARP Peace Summit

man hee leeYou understand the power of the content you are spreading.
The words you report will go into the hearts and minds of many people.
You have witnessed religions uniting as one.

Press Peace Conference, HWPL, Man Hee Lee Speech

I think if the press stands upright, the nation will also stand upright. If the religious press stands upright, the religious world will stand upright. This will bring unification of religions, the restoration of light, as well as world peace.

HWPL, the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light is the resource of peace.

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