Nam Hee Kim ‘Interfaith Dialogue’

Nam Hee Kim ‘Interfaith Dialogue’

The Peace organization that brings World Peace into reality, HWPL

The miracle of peace movement took place again! Many international youth members of HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) have gathered once again to commemorate the 1st Annual Peace Walk and the Declaration of the World Peace. Last year, there were about 30,000 young adults from 130 nations around the world gathered in South Korea for the hope of Peace and Reunification of Korean Peninsula.

2013 International Peace Youth Group (IPYG):
the Walk for Peace and Restoration (May 25th 2013)

Nam Hee Kim
Nam Hee Kim ‘Interfaith Dialogue’, ‘Declaration of World Peace’ May 25th 2013 in Peace Gate, Seoul, South Korea

I sincerely congratulate the commencement of the 2013 International peace Youth Group: the Walk for World Peace and Restoration.
This week being ‘the week of the world people’ has brought the international youth group leaders
to gather today for the cause of world peace and it is especially meaningful because the walk symbolizes the 5 seas and 6 continents of the world.

Being here, and witnessing this firsthand, makes me feel as though world peace has already been achieved, would you agree?

This is the first time in the history of our world that such a large number of youth as this have gathered for the purpose of peace, I feel as though the heavens must have chosen you, the youth – our global family.

As evidence, the ‘Declaration of World Peace’ has been announced for the first time in front of you today.

Today, the joy and happiness will become a light and shine in your hearts forever.
For a great many years, many nations around the world have worked to achieve world peace, unfortunately, the world is still at war and in despair.

Then how might you achieve world peace?

The answer is in the ‘Declaration of World Peace’ that Religious leader Man Hee Lee has proclaimed today.

From people such as the former Prime Minister of East Germany, who lead the unification of Germany, to world leaders; and from various world religious leaders to the many ambassadors in South Korea.

numerous people in the world have met with Mr. Man Hee Lee and were inspired by his thoughts of world peace and promised their cooperation.
This is why the world news media have been requesting for Peace maker Man Hee Lee to visit their nations.
And today at the same location Peacemaker Man Hee Lee proclaimed the ‘Declaration of Unification’ two years ago he proclaimed the ‘Declaration of World Peace’ needed for all mankind not only Koreans.

Nam Hee Kim hwpl
IWPG Chairwoman, Nam Hee Kim ‘Interfaith Dialogue’, ‘Declaration of World Peace’ May 25th 2013 in Peace Gate, Seoul, South Korea

This is a historical moment not just for Korea, but for the whole world.
The ‘Declaration of Unification’ announced 2 years ago, is standing at the east and west of South Korea as inscribed in monuments, and people, either domestic or foreign, are inspired and given hope for the unification of the Korean peninsula.
Either in Korea or overseas, wherever, whenever and whoever I meet, I always state confidently the truth that the global village must realize.
Peace advocate Man Hee Lee is a man who the whole world must meet, who has been sent by the heavens for mankind, who has the answer to world peace.
The whole world must meet peace advocate Man Hee Lee in order to achieve the goal of world peace. Religious leader Man Hee Lee’s suggested method of achieving world peace is most certain and the only way to bring about this unprecedented change Religious leader Man Hee Lee’s vision of peace is the highest and purest quality of humanity.
The heavenly culture I have full faith that this is the only way which mankind will be able to achieve peace on earth and unity of religions.
This is the reason that peace advocate Man Hee Lee announce the ‘Declaration of World Peace’ today.
Do you dream of world peace?
Do not dream any longer.
Peacemaker Man Hee Lee has given us the things with which to achieve world peace and it is now possible if we all just listen and act upon it.

The ‘Declaration of World Peace’ proclaimed today will be sent to the UN and today’s walk will be passed on, not only to the North, but to all foreign press and nations of the world.
Also, the walk of world peace and restoration starting in the Korean peninsula, will tread across the 5 seas and 6 continents, finally reaching North Korea which will bring about the unification of the Korean peninsula, the only divided nation in the world.
At this very moment, the press worldwide are focusing on us, waiting to hear the results from our event.

Nam Hee Kim
Nam Hee Kim of IWPG ‘Interfaith Dialogue’, The Peace organization that brings World Peace into reality, HWPL! Nam Hee Kim, she is giving her shpeech

Once again, I congratulate today’s event [International Peace Youth Group; the Walk for World Peace and Restoration].
And I hope we achieve our purpose successfully Everyone!
Let’s all achieve it together!

Thank you.

On May 25, 2013 the ‘Declaration of World Peace’ was proclaimed for the first time in history.
2013 May 25th Declaring the beginning of an era of peace!

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