International Peace Leader, Man Hee Lee

International Peace Leader, Man Hee Lee

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Man Hee Lee Religious leader

WARP, Peace Summit kicks off in South Korea


Man Hee Lee
Peace Resolution 2015
Golbal leaders Forum

Ahead of the annual United Nations General Assembly in New York that features a gathering of world leaders, renowned peace activist, religious leader Man Hee Lee has been speaking on strategies to achieve global peace and understanding among diverse religious and political persuasions.

International peace leader, Man Hee Lee was in New York to preview the World Peace Summit scheduled to take place in Seoul, South Korea under the auspices of Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light , HWPL.
In an exclusive interview with CMPImedia, religious leader Man Hee Lee reiterated his call for world leaders to enact a treaty that would outlaw wars in the world. In his view, peace building should be the primary goal of the United Nations.

Asked how he intended to push for such an international law banning wars without the support of the United States, religious leader Man Hee Lee expressed frustration at his inability to meet with President Obama after repeated attempts. He was however optimistic that United States and other major powers in the west would see the wisdom in eradicating wars and embracing peaceful coexistence of humanity.

International peace leader, Man Hee Lee who brokered a truce between Christians and Muslims in Mindanao region of the Philippines argued that the best strategy to stop wars in the world was through the engagement of youths and women. Youths, he said, remained the active population often deployed by leaders to engage in wars and yet no youth is ever compensated for their involvement. “Youths lose their lives in wars; women allow their children to become child soldiers and yet the older generation who are in leadership positions protect their families and themselves against the ravages of war”.

The 85-year old peace activist and veteran of the Korean War flanked by leaders of different religious faiths including Sikh, Hindu, Islam, and Christianity noted that inter-religious dialogue was necessary to begin to heal the wounds of mistrust and bigotry.

International peace leader Man Hee Lee
Chairman, Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light

As the Chairman of HWPL (one of the largest international NGO’s working to advance peace initiatives through culture, arts, religion and policy) he has traveled to over 72 countries in the last two years at the invitation of world presidents, high religious officials, and youth organizations to share his message of peace.


The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit which will be held from 17 to 19 September 2014, in Seoul, South Korea is being attended by delegates from around the world including Center for Media & Peace Initiatives, a New York based organization focused on conflict-resolving media practice around the world.

At a one-day symposium in New York attended by peace activists including Arvind Vora, a practicing Sikh, Sheikh Musa Drammeh of Muslim Community Reports, and Rashad Alkhader, a researcher in peace and human rights, Dr. Uchenna Ekwo of Center for Media & Peace Initiatives, and religious leader Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, participants emphasized the importance of peace and nonviolence in world torn apart by sectarian and racial differences.

In his remarks at the event, Dr. Ekwo spoke of the role of journalists in peace building emphasizing that the choice of journalists in how they report issues and events could make a difference between violence and peace.

hwpl peace festival

International peace leader Man Hee Lee’s activities for peace are not limited only to the alliance of religions.

To end war practically, he is trying to enact the law, and work with International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and International Women Peace Group(IWPG), spreading out globally through the activities from peace supporters. 

International peace leader, Man Hee Lee visited the United Nation in New York last December, urging for the enactment of international law for world peace and cessation of war while he had a meeting with UN officials, and lead the peace treaty in Mindanao, Philippine, where the religious conflicts had been continued over 40 years, which was broadcasted around the world.

And, more 500 people, mostly politicians, international peace leader, women and youth leaders, listened to international peace leader Man Hee Lee’s speech and gave their words to fully contribute for the peace activities last 26th in Korea, held by IWPG.

Additionally, international peace leader Man Hee Lee assembled IPYG and IWPG to hold WARP Summit last September in South Korea.

Those religious leaders who participated signed peace agreements for the Alliance of Religions and those signs have come to reality that the offices for World Alliance of Religions for Peace of HWPL are established, actively operating their duties.

Man hee lee


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