HWPL, Man Hee Lee Speech

Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee of HWPL, Speech

-Talks On Africa Alliance Opens In Australia-

Man Hee Lee peacemaker
Religious leader Man Hee Lee Gives Speech at UN Headquarter New York Next, Nam Hee Kim (his left side) of IWPG

The meeting to work on practical peace through the alliance of religious leaders was opened on January 29th in Meadow Bank, Sydney. Beginning from this event, the spark of peace will continue in Melbourne and Brisbane on 31st, helping Australia, attempting to end terrors. Such three simultaneous meetings for peace at one nation but three different cities are extraordinary occasions that show how much people crave for the necessity of peace. While there have been several terror accidents around the world, those meetings are considered to be brilliant attempt for the alliance of religions.

hwpl warp office
Opening intoduction of Dialogue of Scriptures in Sydney, WARP office of HWPL.

Peace maker Man Hee Lee Gives Speech at UN Headquarter, New York in the first meeting for the alliance of religions, religious representatives from Christian, Anglican, Islam, Buddhism etc., around 00 religious leaders gathered for sharing. They watched video about WARP Summit, held by HWPL in Korea last year, then listened courteously what peacemaker Man Hee Lee tried to say.

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee’s message, obtained through visiting and observing many nations, practical and detailed plan to realize peace, gained agreement and applaud, acknowledging the effort and accomplishment of one peace maker.

hwpl Sydney
Representatives of religions gathering in Sydney, WARP office of HWPL, interfaith dialogue.

Through this meeting, each religious leader positively discussed about what peacemaker Man Hee Lee insisted, finding out the most trustworthy teaching by comparing every religious book. They were also enlightened that as religious leaders, who sermon ideas and philosophy, that they should be aware of their roles and missions.

Jennifer Lee, the host of this meeting, said “I left it is very difficult to talk about what they really have in mind while other religious people are all around you. But as they look at their faces and share about their thoughts more and more, they began to understand each other and found out that actually, most conflicts were happened because religious misunderstanding and got confident that it can be solved.”

Man Hee Lee
Full Shot of HWPL with UN Headquarter New York

Peace advocate Man Hee Lee’s activities for peace are not limited only to the alliance of religions. To end war practically, he is trying to enact the law, and work with International Peace Youth Group(IPYG) and International Women Peace Group(IWPG), spreading out globally through the activities from peace supporters. 

Peace maker Man Hee Lee visited the United Nation in New York last December, urging for the enactment of international law for world peace and cessation of war while he had a meeting

Man Hee Lee peace advocte
Peace Agreement between Catholics and Islam in Mindanao, Philippines. Religious leader Man Hee Lee (middle)

with UN officials, and lead the peace treaty in Mindanao, Philippine, where the religious conflicts had been continued over 40 years, which was broadcasted around the world.

And, more 500 people, mostly politicians, religious leaders, women and youth leaders, listened to Chairman Lee’s speech and gave their words to fully contribute for the peace activities last 26th in Korea, held by IWPG.

religious leader man hee lee
Peace Agreement at WARP Summit in Seoul South Korea, last September. Man Hee Lee peace advocate(center)

Additionally, Peacemaker Man Hee Lee assembled IPYG and IWPG to hold WARP Summit last September in South Korea. Those religious leaders who participated signed peace agreements for the Alliance of Religions and those signs have come to reality that the offices for World Alliance of Religions for Peace of HWPL are established, actively operating their duties.

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