Religious leader of HWPL, Man Hee Lee visited Mindanao

Religious leader of HWPL, Man Hee Lee visited Mindanao

Religious leader of HWPL, Man Hee Lee visited Mindanao video in German

The island of Mindanao is known as a stubborn war region, since 40 years there already exists a conflict between Catholics and Muslims.

Man Hee Lee, interfaith dialogue
This peace walk, held for the first time in the Mindanao region, ranscended religions and nationalities, inspiring the Filipino youth generation that peace is possible.

It is now a major topic of conversation that a civilian peacekeeping organization from South Korea has played a crucial role in conflict resolution and has thus led to 40 Years’ War to an end.

The Executive Board of Peace organization, religious leader Man Hee Lee has contributed as a key player on the peace agreement in the Philippines.

Through the mediation between the Catholic-oriented government forces and the Muslims of within the Landes 40-year-long war was ended and a new period of peace will be opened.

Man Hee Lee Antonio Ledesma
Man Hee lee and Antonio Redesma Kagandoro

Religious Leader Man Hee Lee, after he has led the peace agreement, is the next day.

On January 25, arrived at a place where they can complete the official peace agreement. It has been signed by both parties, the government forces and the Muslims (MILF).

So the 40-year war to an end has been put.

Since then, the civilian peace organization has this conflict responsible, resolved quickly and at first, she is increasingly becoming the focus of the world.

Man Hee Lee HWPL
Religious leader Man Hee lee and archbisho Antonio Redesma Kagandoro

Peace activist Man Hee Lee from 01/24~25/2014 visited the Mindanao, Philippines.  The peace activist has thus for the third time visited the Philippines and met the archbishop Antonio Redesma Kagandoro. That bishop had asked Religious Leader Man Hee Lee to end the war, it is now managed successfully.

In the area of ​​Mindanao for 40 years already ferments this bloody conflict between Catholics and Muslims, the so far already 120,000 people have fallen victim!

Man Hee Lee Mindanao
On January 2014, 1,000 participants including Mindanao State University students, youth associations, mayors and religious leaders held a peace walk in downtown General Santos city.

On 24 January was the first time an initiated by the peace activists Mr. Man Hee Lee Peace March in Mindanao, in the city of General Santos in the Philippines instead.

Students (from the Joorip University) organizing International Peace Youth Group (IPYG), and the respective leaders of the various religions students,: On this march is about 1000 people involved across all religious boundaries.

Philippines, Man Hee Lee
A Vietnamese student is holdingpicket with smiling and turning her thumb up “I love South Korea♥ Thank you^.^♥” in Korean.

This Peace March was the catalyst for a wave of hope that permeates the entire Filipino people, who have been longing for so long for peace: it covers all social classes and nationalities. Therefore, the peace march also drew the attention of the international press.
After the peace march, the participants of the peace march came together in a conference room of the hotel of the City General Santos: Students, the organization IPYG, the mayor of the town, professors, as well as the managerial persons of Catholics and Muslims were assembled here.

The peace activist Mr. Man Hee Lee gave a lecture on peace, of which the religious leaders of both sides have shown very impressed.

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