HWPL Day, 5. 25 Peace Walk 1st anniversary

HWPL Day, May 25 Peace Walk 1st anniversary

5.25 World Peace Day, HWPL Day

From left, SOUTH KOREA(the Republic of Korea), HWPL, Heavenly Culture and World Peace, Restoration of Light, IPYG, International Peace Youth Group flags

525 Peace Walk 1st anniversary

One year after 2013 May 25th Declaring the beginning of an era of peace!

1st Annual Declaration of World Peace observed

Heavenly Culture and World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) has astonished the world once again by hosting the event, the 1st Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace. The declaration was made before the International Youth Peace Walk at the Seoul Olympic Park on May 25, 2013 with approximately 20,000 international youths gathered from 130 different countries. As the Peace Walk was held with the hope of world peace and unification of the Korean Peninsula, it has touched many people’s hearts around the globe. To remember this unforgettable event, this year the commemoration event was held at many districts of South Korea including the Busan UN Peace Park, the Seoul Olympic Park, Daejeon, Daegu, Gwangju, and Jeonbuk. People who attended the event were able to experience the inspiration they felt last year when they heard the Declaration of World Peace. This event was especially meaningful since it was hosted in a country that has been experiencing the longest truce in the history of the world.
The event started by showing video clips of the various peace activities of the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) and the works of Mr. Man Hee Lee, the Chairman of Heavenly Culture and World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), known as the most well-known world peace leader. The video clips of Mr. Man Hee Lee showed how he paved the way to achieve peace and proved that it can be fulfilled in reality. They also showed how Mr. Man Hee Lee traveled around the world to persuade numerous world religious leaders and former presidents to sign the peace agreement and come together for the Declaration of World Peace. The participants could not believe their eyes when they watched how Mr. Man Hee Lee achieved the peace agreement between the Catholic Church and Islam in Mindanao Island, Philippines where more than 100,000 casualties took place because of religious conflicts.

Also, peace messages were delivered from many notable International Youth Groups outside of Korea. The messages were from members of IPYG in other countries who could not participate in the 1st Annual Commemoration Event. The number of members of IPYG has been skyrocketing (from 52 groups from 31 countries to 235 groups from 69 countries) over a year. In the video clip, Laura Kuhlig, who is a member Peace with Young Power, located in Germany said, “One year ago, the Declaration of World Peace was publicized at the same place. Through the Declaration, we grasped the most specific and easiest answer to make world peace a reality. That is the duty of all youth to achieve world peace.” Through the commemoration event, not only members of Korea but also the members of international groups from around the world spread the message of hope and the promise of peace to those who are facing miserable wars and conflicts.

As part of the highlight of the event, Mr. Man Hee Lee, the Chairman of HWPL delivered a speech and he mentioned, “I have met many former presidents, youth group leaders, female leaders, heads of religious groups and the media and offered a solution that can bring about actual peace. The first step of the movement was to sign the World Peace Agreement.” He added, “Because the Creator, who wants to create a peaceful world, helped us to open the hearts of the people, we were able to suggest the most practical way to achieve the peace.”

Mr. Man Hee Lee conducted a wreath-laying ceremony at the UN Peace Park just as he did at the Peace Monument Park at the national palace of Guatemala City last month. In fact, that occasion was considered very unique since it was the first time a civilian leader conducted the wreath-laying ceremony at the palace and the second time as an Asian. The first Asian to lay a wreath at that location was Ki-moon Ban, the current Secretary-General of the United Nations.

The commemoration event sponsored by the IPYG was also meaningful because it was held in hopes for a successful Summit for the World Alliance of Religions for Peace (WARP) that will be held this year.

HWPL Chariman, Mr. Man Hee Lee’s Spech : Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace.HWPL Day, May 25 Peace Walk 1st anniversary 





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