HWPL, Man Hee Lee Quotes for Peace

HWPL, Man Hee Lee Quote for Peace

“I Have a Solution to Peace on Earth” – Declares Man Hee Lee as He Hosts About 120,000 Souls WARP Peace Summit in Seoul, South Korea

“World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit by HWPL”

The iconic former Olympics Stadium at the heart of the sprawling South Korean Capital, Seoul, will this week play host to the “the Olympics of the faithful”–as humanity’s quest to rid the world of war and establish ever-lasting peace among religions and cultures is set to gain global currency—with about 120,000 people gathering in the historic stadium for world’s biggest peace summit of all religions. The three-day event is being convened by the Seoul-based international organization for Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light (HWPL), in partnership with the Berlin-based Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. Chairman and President of the HWPL International, Hon. Man Hee Lee, who was on a three-day pre-summit working visit of the United States, was at his passionate best in highlighting the achievements of the NGO over the years and his expectations from the summit—while pitching to the press the need to amend the existing international law and replace it with one that will make provision for checkmating and punishing leaders who violate the law by perpetrating war or seeking to cause one.

Man Hee Lee
“I Have a Solution to Peace on Earth” ♥ Man Hee Lee Peace Quote ♥

“I Have a Solution to Peace on Earth” “Many people have worked for peace, and many have received peace awards.  There are many laws, many governments, many religions with various scriptures and leaders, but nothing has changed in the world as wars and all forms of conflicts are still going on,,, but I have the answers: I would like to advocate the need to amend the international law and have world leaders sign that they will not cause war anymore. And if they violate this law, they have to pay a penalty for abusing the law,”

I strongly believe that Man Hee lee quote for peace~♥

Peace video~! HWPL, I Love Peace! make peace walk together!!

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