HWPL News: Role of Religious Leaders in Achieving Peace…

HWPL News: The Role of Religious Leaders in Achieving Peace on the basis of the Scriptures

For the first time in Northern Europe it opened a joint Finnish-Swedish Office of the Alliance of Religions


Dialogue of Scriptures

HWPL, the Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light

According to a study conducted by the American Research Center ≪Pew≫ in 2007 ~ 2012. In 2012, religious conflicts have reached a critical level. According to a survey among 198 countries studied in the 33 countries have experienced high levels of conflict on religious grounds. Although the results of the last 3 years have not yet been published, according to the experts expected religious conflicts rate increase by 25-30%.

June 13, 2015 for the first time in Northern Europe the religious leaders of Finland and Sweden, together with members of the International Youth and HWPL Group for Peace (IPYG) conducted on-line meeting of the Office of the Alliance of Religions. The meeting was attended by spiritual leaders of Finland: Representatives of Islam Hayyar Anas (Anas Hajjar, the Islamic Council of Finland, Finland Islamic Council) and Imam Mohammed Issac Sheriff Sheriff (Mohammed Sherif Issaka Imam Sherif, Islamic da’wah multicultural center in Helsinki, Islamic Multicultural Dawah Center of Helsinki ); from Sweden was attended by a representative of Hinduism Balendu Mohan Ranjan (Mohan Ranjan Balendean, Ganesha temple in Sweden, Sweden Ganesha Temple) and a representative of Buddhism Bhante Sovar (Bhante Sovaro, Wat Pha Gothenburg, Wat Pha Gothenburg). The meeting was held on the theme: “The role of religious leaders in achieving peace on the basis of the Scriptures.”

Also, all participants expressed their active position in the end of the event signed the Agreement on the Alliance of Religions, which expresses the union in the Creator and shows the duty of every exercise cessation of war and achieve peace. It is expected that the signing of the agreement will be the starting point of the active work of the world religious leaders in Finland and Sweden.

In any religion Scripture contains the will of the Creator, which briefly sounds like: “Peace and Love”. But if humanity is fueling the war on the basis of religion, whether such actions correspond to the will of the Creator? Today, the most active in the world peace organization “Heavenly culture, peace in the world and restore light” to stop the war and achieve peace in the world holds a number of peaceful dialogue with religious leaders. The attention of the world community has attracted the practical implementation of the peace agreement reached in the framework of this movement.

The organization “Heavenly culture world peace and the restoration of the world” organized by a neutral inter-religious dialogue for the sake of improving mutual understanding between religions and with the purpose to sow followers of these religions a positive consciousness of the world. Since the first meeting of the Office of the Alliance of Religions, held in October 2014 in Los Angeles, so far held 62 meetings of his work in more than 40 countries, it is also expected before the end of June the opening of meetings in India and China.

Due office meeting of the Alliance of Religions through dialogue religious leaders come to realize: “Although we have different scriptures will of the Creator is not war, but in the world.” Not to dwell on just this awareness and also to the religious leaders were able to take part in various peacekeeping activities, the peace movement is carried out in a certain logical chain. This technique was rated as the most effective and practical way to improve the performance of mutual understanding between religions and to reduce conflicts

The organization “Heavenly culture world peace and the restoration of the world”, which was held under the auspices of the Office of the meeting of the Alliance of Religions, is the largest non-governmental organization for peace.

The organization HWPL group includes subsidiaries: International Youth Group for Peace (IPYG, chairman Kim Doo-hyun, 441 organizations from 92 countries) and international women’s groups for peace (IWPG Chairwoman Kim Nam Hee, 163 organizations from 35 countries).

In January 2014 the chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee played a decisive role in ending the 40-year war between Catholicism and Islam in Mindanao, Philippines, which was the most bloody conflict in Asia that has attracted the attention of the world society. In late May of this year, Governor Ismael Toto Mangudadutu, an adherent of Islam, invited Chairman Li to visit the Philippines in honor of the festive event of signing the Agreement on Peace in Mindanao and the 2nd anniversary of the proclamation of the Declaration of the World. 24th January, the day of the signing of the Agreement was officially established as a day in the province of Maguindanao HWPL. On this day, at a ceremony opening ceremony of the Monument to the Peace Agreement, and passed Walking Festival International Youth Peace Group for peace with the participation of 3,000 young people Maguindanao province.

In October 2013 the chairman of HWPL Mr. Man Hee Lee during the 6th trip for peace around the earth engaged in a dialogue about the importance of women’s role in achieving peace with the first woman President of Finland Tarja Halonen and former Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi. In response to Chairman Li has received the promise of mutual cooperation in the world.

Many countries, including the United States, Romania, South Africa, the UK, China, Russia, India, the Philippines, Germany, Kyrgyzstan, for the cessation of wars and of the world carry out peacekeeping activities of various kinds: Marches for peace, Offices of the Alliance of Religions and others. The cause of the movement the world in so many countries only one. All this is done in order to leave a true legacy of the era of peace for future generations. For many current and former presidents, the judges, the religious leaders, the media, youth and women’s organizations around the world recognize that the “true world” is the will of the Creator and unite for the sake of its implementation.

HWPL News: The Role of Religious Leaders in Achieving Peace on the basis of the Scriptures

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