HWPL News, The religious leaders’ dialogue Chairman Man Hee Lee

The religious leaders’ dialogue Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee

HWPL South Africa branch hold the third religious scripture dialogue

Shriya Ramjee representing the Hindu faith at the religious scripture dialogue in Cape Town, SA

Monthly religious leaders dialogue for the cessation of war held in South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa – On June 25, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (“HWPL”, Chairman Man Hee Lee) together with the Jewish Holocaust Museum hosted Peace This Together, a monthly dialogue where prominent religious leaders in South Africa come together for the purpose of bringing all religious wars to an end through comparing and contrasting religious scriptures to identify the common thread that runs through them. In the previous months, the dialogues were held under different topics. This month religious leaders came together to discuss ”Why were men created to experience the process of birth, aging, sickness and death?”

The participants included Shriya Ramjee representing the Hindu faith, Jewish representatives Rabbi Menachem Shemtov and Rabbi Zev Slavin, Ahk Simkhiel Ben Israel of the African Hebrews, Louis Duminy from the Christian faith, and Medhavi Das of Hare Krishna. Students from various universities also came to join the dialogue as the religious leaders gave a speech on their scripture at the museum where the memory of six million Jews’ who were killed during the Holocaust is immortalized.

As one of the participants, Ahk Simkhiel Ben Israel of the African Hebrews said, “It was an extraordinary event, [the question on each religious scripture was] one of the best questions I’ve ever been asked. Every event that HWPL organizes is an excellent and great engaging platform. I found today to be extraordinary, one of the best highlights of HWPL events. The topic itself really allowed us to get into the essence of what we are here for. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to all the different perspectives.”
The religious leaders’ dialogue being held at 60 HWPL offices in 42 countries was under the watchful guidance of Chairman of HWPL, Mr. Man Hee Lee, who fought on the frontlines of the Korean War and having seen the atrocity of war. As to the youth who lost their lives in the war, Mr. Lee addressed, “What use is a life when it has not had the opportunity to bloom? What price can compensate for the loss of a life? Do these souls have another chance at life?”. In order to relieve the deep resentment of young people who have died in battles and achieve this world of peace, Chairman Man Hee Lee is currently calling upon the heads of the states and Chief Justices, Judges and leaders across the world to jointly draft an international law for the cessation of war.

HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee, together with Chairwoman of International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) Rep. Nam Hee Kim and Director of International Peace Youth Group (IPYG) Mr. Du Hyun Kim, have travelled around the world 18 times to meet and urge political and religious leaders without rest. On March 28, 2015, they erected the first world peace monument and designated May 25 as ‘HWPL Day’ on their visit to Bafokeng Nation in South Africa. On May 25, 2015, they flew to Mindanao in Philippines to erect another monument and designated January 24 as ‘HWPL Day’, commemorating the cease-fire of a 40-year conflict between the Catholic and Muslim leaders in Mindanao. Besides, Carson City in California and City Council of Alexandria, Virginia proclaimed ‘HWPL Day’ and the National Assembly of Ecuador has recently conferred an award of national recognition to acknowledge and cooperate with the works of HWPL for the commemoration of May 25th.

Man Hee Lee
The World Peace Summit Memorial in Royal Bafokeng Nation, SA
Man Hee Lee
The Peace Monument at Freedom Park, SA/ (From left, Nam Hee Kim(IWPG Chairwoman), Man Hee Lee(HWPL Chairman), Queen Mother Mmemogolo(Bafokeng Nation in South Africa)

2015 marks the 65th anniversary of the start of the Korean War (1950-1953). However, it is the reality that wars and disputes are continuing around the world. At this very moment, the peace campaign of HWPL―hosting religious leaders’ dialogue every month and drafting an international law for the cessation of war is expected to be the light of hope for those who are suffering wars.

Man Hee Lee, HWPL, News
 The religious leaders’ dialogue Chairman Man Hee Lee, HWPL News : ZIMEYE, THE TRUTH & THE FUTURE

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