South African IWPG Members For World Peace Without Wars

South African IWPG Members For World Peace Without Wars

South African women become members of IWPG to build a world without wars

South African IWPG members: Woman showing her IWPG membership card

“If all the women in the world unite as one, wars and conflicts will no longer take place in the global village.”

Cape Town, South Africa- On the 16th of July 2015, the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG, Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim) held a membership affiliation drive at the Golden Acre Mall in the city centre of Cape Town. IWPG, one of the wing organisations of Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL, Chairman Man Hee Lee) hosted this drive as a means to promote and inform people about the organisation and the work of peace that has blossomed on the tip of Africa.

Women from different walks of life gathered to sign and become members of IWPG and agreed to work towards achieving a world that is free from war. With the heart of a mother, women have the role to protect the youth to ensure that no more lives are sacrificed in the frontlines of battle. They have the responsibility to nurture and demonstrate the very nature of all mothers providing love and healing for their families.

One of the participants Ms. Mishkah Brown who is a South African working abroad said, “Women are the foundation of world peace. We will get there but women need to stand together and talk to other women and pull them in – we can have a world of peace.” Also Ms. Gawulana said that, “to bring about peace women should speak up against things regarding conflict and be involved in activities encouraging peace, particularly education addressing topics such as the impact of wars, the means of resolving conflict and how to avoid conflicts.”

South African Woman signing to be a member of IWPG

This work of peace has been inspired by the Chairwoman Rep. Ms. Nam Hee Kim. Ms. Nam Hee Kim has circled the world 18 times together with the Chairman of HWPL, Mr. Lee to spread this message in engaging communities in various projects to bring about the cessation of war and conflict resolution. Last March, during their 17th world peace tour to the Royal Bafokeng Nation, May 25 was designated as ‘HWPL Day’ and a ‘world peace monument’ was unveiled in remembrance of lives lost and broken in  the midst of wars.

We begin wherever peace are, and we do the best we can.
We can do more for world peace.
First, whatever may happen, we must stick together.

Source of HWPL News: ZimEye

South African IWPG News
South African IWPG Members For World Peace Without Wars

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