Purpose for the Foundation of IWPG


Purpose for the Foundation of IWPG, International Woman’s Peace Group

 Let’s make world peace~!!

Sharing Happiness toward World Peace

The main goal of IWPG is to achieve world peace. All of mankind longs for peace and throughout the history of the world countless sacrifices have been made for peace; however, the world is still in desperate need of peace and unification.

People may define peace in different ways, but we must reach a consensus on how to share and establish peace.

When everyone works together for peace, regardless of how great or small, we can bring about change within ourselves, and even bring forth the power to save lives.

Mother- The Foundation of Love and Healing

Behind every great world leader there has been a great mother, demonstrating the very nature of all mothers – providing love and healing for their families. Thus, IWPG was created and carries out works with the loving heart of a mother, in hopes of becoming a bridge towards world peace.

Implementation of the She Can Project

The purpose of SHE CAN project is to instill peace in the hearts and minds of everyone across the globe. The programs of SHE CAN are created and organized to bring forth happiness, solicitude, healing and forgiveness.
Like the moon that reflects the light from the sun onto the earth, IWPG will shine its light to all the corners of the earth, ultimately working to create a truly peaceful world.


Women can do it!

Thank you.

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