Objective of IWPG, International Woman’s Peace Group

International Woman’s Peace Group

International Woman’s Peace Group, We make peace SHE CAN! IWPG

Objective of IWPG

peace, iwpg
♦ Rationale

Throughout history, many have fought for peace, but war has never ended, and the women and children are still suffering because of it. A message of hope, that they can also be a tool of peace, is desperately needed. The motherly hearts of women that create life is the only power that can nurture the world. This is the reason that all women of the world must work together with the hearts of mothers to cease war and achieve world peace.

♦ Objective

1. To urge the UN and the heads of states to constitute the international law for cessation of war and world peace which will protect the women and children from the destruction of war.

2.  To increase the participation and roles of women in the peace-building process, prevention and resolution of conflicts and protect the rights of women under armed dispute.(UN Security Council resolution no.1325)

3.  To prevent further sacrifice of the children caused by war and leave a legacy of peace for the future generations.


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