IWPG, as a Powerful Force to Bring Peace

  International Woman’s Peace Group

IWPG, as a Powerful Force
to Bring Peace

PeacePeaceIWPG is a non-govermental organization that leads all women to become ‘mothers of peace’, protect our children from war and achieve world peace through IWPG branches all over the world. IWPG NETWORK was born to achieve and bring peace through continuous exchange and cooperation between women in various fields.

IWPG plans to participate in the policy research to enact an international law for cessation of war, the international peace movement through volunteer work, cultural activities, campaign programs, collaboration with peace activists and other organizations, and education programs to train global women leaders.

At the IWPG Network 2014, female leaders had a signing ceremony of the peace
agreement stipulating their unity in working together to establish peace. Some 300 women leaders from various nations, present at the event that day joined in signing the peace agreement and declared their determination to leave peace not war as a lasting legacy for the future generation.

Although the peace agreement may be a mere piece of paper, when promises and pledges of individuals are joined together and the hearts of the women of the world are gathered, it will work as a powerful force to bring peace.

Indeed, the peace agreement signed that day is currently working as an important catalyst moving the hearts and minds of many and connecting women from different organizations and countries.


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