HWPL, Cape Town: 6 Religious Leaders Pursuit for the Most Believable Scripture

HWPL, Cape Town, Exploring their Faiths: six Religious Leaders Pursuit for the Most Believable Scripture

Peace, HWPL
HWPL, Full shot of the PTT, Cape Town on July 30 2015

Cape Town, South Africa – Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL, Chairman Man Hee Lee) hosted the ‘Peace This Together’ dialogue series at International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) Cape Town on July 30 2015.

Having been held for seven times in South Africa, the purpose of the scripture dialogue is to have perfect understanding of each other’s scriptures by contrasting and analyzing.

This month six religious leaders from different faiths gathered: Hindu representative Ms. Shriya Ramjee, Ahk Simkhiel of the African Hebrew, Mr. Louis Duminy of the Christian Faith, Jewish representative Rabbi Zevi Slavin, Mr. Abass Darab from the Muslim Community as well Vraja Krsna Das of the Hare Krishna.

Through a round-table discussion, they analyzed what their texts had to say about the prophecies and promises that the Creator has promised to fulfill in the future and what the Creator has fulfilled.

Over the past few months they have covered ‘Faith’, ‘Heaven’ as well as ‘Creation’ and so far the resolve has been the same – proving that they had more in common rather than different.

HWPL, Peace
HWPL, Religious leaders greeting each other at PTT, Cape Town

Mr. Abass Darab, the Muslim religious leader representative and a first time attendant of ‘Peace This Together’, found the event to be a humbling experience and said “It was very educational, very inspiring and hopeful. I hope that this is the beginning of a greater relationship between all the religious leaders.”

Rabbi Zevi, Jewish representative stressed, “I love the experience and sharing. You need to be open to wisdom, wherever it may come from. Being engaged in such dialogues with brothers and sisters from other religions is a taste of what world peace is like; being able to share scripture with love. We need to take this table and transport it exponentially; these small experiences will build up and eventually explode.”

HWPL is an organization that is working for the achievement of world peace through unifying all religious scriptures and cessation of all religious conflicts. Having experienced the effects of war, chairman of HWPL Man Hee Lee has dedicated his life to fulfilling and spreading the message of world peace and on 25 May 2013, Mr. Man Hee Lee proclaimed the Declaration of World Peace. Alongside the International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) he has circled the globe 18 times and established 84 WARP Offices in 54 countries.

Peace Maker Man Hee Lee shared, “A religion cannot call itself a religion simply because it teaches the empty commandments of men such as, ‘Be good and kindhearted, and lead a good and kind life.’ A scripture that has promises that will fulfill in the future is believable if it also has contents about the physical entities that appeared according to the ancient prophecies.”

HWPL, peace
Exploring their faiths: six religious leaders pursuit for the most believable scripture Source Article: ZimEye

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