International Peace Leader, Man Hee Lee HWPL Chairman

 International Peace Leader, Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL

international peace leaderPeace advocate, Chairman Man Hee Lee didn’t forget to visit the Korean War veterans from Ethiopia and thanked them on behalf of all Korean people. Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL himself is a Korean War veteran, who was positioned at the front line and fought with all his might to save Korea. Although he should be receiving service fee from the country for this service, he refused to as he could not forget the sacrifice so many young people had made through their blood. He promised himself and held large events in their memory several times to pay respect to their sacrifice. He received various awards and appreciation plaque from related organizations for the event he held for world peace. Adding to this, he paid visit to the countries that participated in the Korean War and visited the veterans and gave them compensation, visited the memorial site to thanks and to remember them.

Such acts by peace advocate Man Hee Lee of HWPL made the world perceive Korea in a different way, bringing the country into a new level. Secretaries, ministers, and reporters requested many times to meet international peace leader Man Hee Lee. He was glad to meet them for interviews and meetings. And each broadcasting companies continuously reported the visits and where the world peace delegation would be going next.

Man Hee Lee, HWPLDuring the journey, not once did he stop sending out messages of world peace. One day he gave a speech at the morning prayer meeting of South Africa’s National Assembly. And the people that were there at the meeting were amazed by the speech international peace leader Man Hee Lee gave. They were deeply touched that their mouth opened and couldn’t close them. They were moved by his effort towards world peace, and everyone promised to participate in the world peace restoration of light movement.

At the South Africa’s capital Cape Town City Hall, he gave a speech and requested people’s participation in accomplishing the culture of heaven and bringing world peace. Citizens saw him to be very confident than any other peace movement activist ever seen before and that he is truly what the world had been waiting to achieve world peace. Everywhere the delegation of peace went, regardless of countries and religion, the culture of heaven can bring world peace and can bring everyone under one hope.

manheelee, international peace leader.When the report on world peace, restoration of light through the culture of heaven prayer movement was introduced on TV, broad casting companies flocked from all over Africa to be guests on the show. Just in South Africa 20 TV and radio stations asked to be on their show, and the delegation appeared. Within one day, they appeared on more than 10 broadcasting shows.. As soon as the interview was finished, reporters from far away came to interview the delegation, and some even came to the rooms where they stayed for interviews. Even so, there weren’t enough time to do all interviews.

Each time the news reporters and announcers interviewed peace advocate Man Hee Lee, they were very moved that at the end of the show or program they would ask to hug him and wouldn’t leave right away but stayed. They wished to express how honored they were to have a chance to interview him. South African’s national broadcasting company SABC’s CEO even came running out to meet him and asked for a hand shake. One reporter was amazed by peace advocate Man Hee Lee’s world peace activities and thought was similar to Nelson Mandela and wanted to keep interviewing him. And another producer of a national broadcasting company said all the journalists of the world should be in the front line to let people know of person like International Peace Leader Man Hee Lee, and claimed that it was their job and duty.

international peace leader

Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL)
International Peace Leader, peace advocate peace maker
& Peace activist Chairman Man Hee Lee

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