HWPL, Man Hee Lee International Peace Leader

HWPL, Man Hee Lee International Peace Leader

The first HWPL Media Forum in SA: media undertakes duty in this generation

“Reporting the news of peace with speed and accuracy is the key to realizing world peace”

international peace leader Man Hee Lee
Group photo of the 1st HWPL Media Forum in SA

Johannesburg, South Africa – On August 17, over 30 journalists, commissioning editors and news analysts gathered to share their views and ideas to understand their role in peace building.

Under the theme of ‘The Role of the Media in peace building’, this was the very first Heavenly Culture, World Peace, and Restoration of Light (HWPL) Media Forum on African soil which was held in collaboration with the national broadcaster, South African Broadcast Commission (SABC), more specifically SABC TV Religion.

With the example of fellow news broadcasters from across the globe who have undertaken the role of HWPL publicity ambassadors, the media representatives from both print and broadcast engaged in dialogue with one goal – reporting the work of peace accurately.

international peace leader Man Hee Lee
Ms. Yashika Singh delivering a speech at the 1st HWPL Media Forum in SA

Guest speakers included the Head of SABC TV Religion Ms. Yashika Sigh, news analyst Mr. Zanele Mashinini, and producer from iTV Ms. Aadila Amod who were joined by members of the International Peace Youth Group (IPYG).

During the course of this year, social hostility concerning religion increased significantly with terrorist groups such as misrepresented religious groups, causing a great concern for the protection of youth and women.

Having joined Chairman of HWPL Mr. Man Hee Lee’s peace movement since the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace (WARP) Summit in 2014, Ms. Yashika Singh said, “I enjoyed the opportunity to engage with different media, both print and broadcast. It is interesting to meet people that think the way that we do, that want to promote peace, to promote human values.

I think it is not always easy to find those kind of journalists…” and added, “[Chairman Lee] has challenged people to start thinking differently and this is the first step to opening up dialogue.”

international peace leader Man Hee Lee
Mr. Zanele Mashinini appointed as HWPL Publicity Ambassador

Following the speeches, participants listened to the HWPL representative who shared Mr. Man Hee Lee’s message to the press and media of the world. This message powerfully stated that

“The souls of the youth that have been sacrificed in wars are pleading. All creation is groaning,” and appealed, “Let us become messengers of peace, achieve world peace and the cessation of wars, and leave it as a legacy for future generations.”

On the day, Mr. Zanele Mashinini and Ms. Aadila Amod were appointed as HWPL Publicity

Ambassadors. He expressed that peace is very important and said that, “What the Chairman is doing for Africa, and the world, is a priceless gift. We need to get the world calm and achieve harmony and live in peace.

If God has given us an individual who is taking this mammoth task, it’s not going to be easy. We know brokering peace is not easy.”

international peace leader Man Hee Lee
Ms. Aadila Amod appointed as HWPL Publicity Ambassador

After declaring the Declaration of World Peace in Seoul, South Korea on May 25, 2013, Mr. Man Hee Lee, together with Ms. Nam Hee Kim, the Chairwoman of International Women’s Peace Group (IWPG) have been working fervently towards the enactment of drafting an article on convention on renunciation and cessation of war and international armed conflicts as well as the unity of religion.

Transcending boundaries, races, and religions, these two peace activists are changing the course of history as they gather leaders and media around the globe for these two purposes.

The first HWPL Media Forum in SA in collaboration with SABC TV Religion is the first of many. It is expected to have a positive effect on peace building in South Africa, the African Continent as well as the entire world.

Man Hee Lee Man Hee Lee international peace leader

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