1st Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit: HWPL Peace Advocate, Man Hee Lee Biography in Mindanao

hwpl summitMan Hee Lee HWPL

Man Hee Lee

1st annual commemoration of World Alliance of Religions' Peace Summit

man hee lee peace maker

HWPL Peace Advocate, Man Hee Lee Biography in Mindanao

The island of Mindanao in the Philippines suffered
about 40 years of warfare between the Muslims and the Catholics.
In January of 2014, Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL, solved this problem
(the religious conflict)

Man Hee Lee Antonio Ledesma In September 2013, the archbishop from Mindanao Island came to Manila and asked the messenger of peace to help stop the religious dispute, which had been breaking out on the island. At that time it was impossible for the Peace Delegation to go to the Mindanao because of the event set previously in Thailand. The fact that I could not accept the archbishop’s request continued to lay heavily on my mind.

Man Hee Lee HWPLIn the meantime, in 2014, I made a proposal to the archbishop (of the Catholic church) and the Islamic representative about a meeting for a peace agreement. Having sent one of the Peace Delegates to Mindanao for preparation, we arrived afterward in Philippine on 23rd Jan. 2014.

And at a convent in Manila, we met the archbishop of the Mindanao Island who asked me to play the role of a mediator to stop the religious conflicts and two other bishops (during their sojourn in Manila to participate in the Catholic conference), and attained their signs on the peace agreement beforehand.

Peace Advocate Man Hee LeeOn 24th Jan., Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL headed to the Mindanao Island. This island has around 20 million in population. At the airport, Peace advocate Man Hee Lee  were ardently welcomed by the crowd of youth and university students from IPYG. People were carrying flags of all nations, peace flags and Korean national flags (Taegeukgi) in their hands, and they l ined up to the point of the vehicle of the Peace Advocate and it was a grand welcoming ceremony unseen in any parts of the world. The Peace Delegates participated in the Peace Walk Parade with them. Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL always had three policemen with as peace advocates guards.

Man hee lee peace makerAt the grand ballroom in the hotel were convened each mayor of the city, professors and youths as well as Archbishop Capella who represented Catholics and the Islamic leader (Governor) together with the proper officials. Gathering at the convention as planned, the presider started the meeting by announcing the purpose of the meeting and the introduction session of each personnel followed.

According to the agenda outlined by the presider, the Catholic archbishop made his first remark and the Islamic representative (governor) continued in succession. And the third was the turn of the Peace Advocate. He put an emphasis on bringing an end to conflicts and coming toward a peaceful agreement.

HWPL Man Hee Lee The peace advocate was in the middle of the stage, the Islamic representative on his right, and the Catholic representative on his left. The written peace agreement prepared by the peace advocate was given to each representative so that they could sign. One was a peace agreement of two representatives (Islamic and Catholic) and the peace advocate and the other was a peace treaty agreement of the Catholic Church and Islam. The three people on the platform signed this document and received a copy afterwards. The signatures of these three people have started the work of cessation of war and world peace .

 HWPL Man Hee LeeThe process of signing of the peace agreement for peace was open to the audience and the presider gave an explanation about the peace treaty agreement, and everything was filmed as pictures and videos. The audience was clapping with glee and joy, dancing to the performance of the celebrated performance team creating a festive atmosphere.

Former presidents couldn’t achieve this for 40 years, nor could 1,200,000 Filipino citizens. There was nothing but more than 120,000 victims. However, peace has arrived on the Philippine island thanks to the peace advocate Man Hee Lee!!

hwpl Man Hee Lee, Peace AdvocateOn the next day, January 25th, the president, professors and students of each university gathered together at the Mindanao University for the celebration and the Peace Delegation also attended. The peace advocate delivered a speech on peace for about two hours at this festival and received a plaque of appreciation for the peace work and peace lectures.

man hee lee peace maker

1st Annual Commemoration of WARP Summit: HWPL Peace Advocate, Man Hee Lee Biography in Mindanao

Mindanao peace agreement : Mr. Man Hee Lee of HWPL short video ↑ ↑ ↑ ↑

◊ 1st annual commemoration of World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Summit ◊

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