A Peace Hero, Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL, in Mindanao

A Peace Hero ,  Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL, in Mindanao

The long lost dream of the global community, world peace!!

From Mindnanao~♥

Mindanao puts an end to war and unites in peace by Man Hee Lee, hero of peace.


The island of Mindanao, located in the southern Philippines, was a region full of painful cries and gunshots due to its 40-year war. But on 24 January, 2014, great joy and delight began to fill Mindanao.

On 23rd of January, 2014, Mr. Man Hee Lee of
HWPL visited Mindanao—an island with the wounds of its 40-year war that not even the government could resolve. On this day, he signed a peace agreement with the archbishop and bishops of the Philippines. And on the following day, 24th of January 2014, a peace agreement was signed between the representatives of Islam and the Catholic Church, promising not to cause conflicts.

This agreement played a decisive role in opening a new era of peace for Mindanao. As a continuation of the waves of peace, a peace agreement was also signed between the government and rebels, finally putting an end to the nation’s long civil war.

The island of Mindanao officially declared January 24th as HWPL Day to celebrate the groundbreaking peace work on May 25th, 2015 when Mr. Lee and his delegation revisited the region. A ceremony of unveiling the monument that commemorates the signing of the peace agreement and the second annual commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace took place.

Mr. Man Hee Lee who played a significant role in the Mindanao 40-year conflict resolution revisited the region along with of IWPG and the Peace Delegation on 22-25 May 2015 upon the special invitation of Maguindanao Governor Esmael Toto Mangudadatu. Mr. Lee had a busy schedule during his 4-day stay in the Philippines.

He attended the WARP Office Meetings held in Manila, Maguindanao, Cagayan de Oro, and Davao, and he also held dialogue with politicians, judicial officials, and military representatives.

On the last day, the 25th, Mr. Lee attended and delivered the peace message at the unveiling ceremony of the Mindanao Peace Agreement Monument and the 2nd Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of World Peace.

HWPL ManHee Lee
Peace advocate, Peace hero, Peace maker…… Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL

The peace advocate, ManHee Lee, who has the answer to peace, at the right time for the humanity.

Visits to 70 nations in the past 2 years, the true peace advocate recognized by the world.

Chairman ManHeeLee, who declares that he has the answer to peace.

I think that Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee, he is <hero of peace> in this era.

I support him.

Mindanao puts an end to war and unites in peace by hero of peace!!!

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