A Peace Hero, ManHeeLee of HWPL is Pouring Out a Painful Cry

A Peace Hero, HWPL Chairman, ManHeeLee is pouring out a painful cry

ManHeeLee Quotes at the WARP of 1st Commemoration

Chairman Man Hee Lee, who declares that he has the answer to peace!

Shall we meet Chairman ManHeeLee of HWPL, peace advcoate?

A Peace Hero, ManHeeLee is pouring out a painful cry

HWPL ManHeeLeeHow many people died from hunger due to war?

Because there is one clothes to wear, wouldn’t one be a gentleman with only one suit?

Even after a year or two years, and even as the single suit becomes soaked with blood, these gentlemen are not able to change their clothes.

The war must first end for them to change their clothes. However, this is not the problem. The most severe problem is life.

The youths at the frontline of the war…

Is war truly necessary when it comes to sacrificing one’s life?

Think about this for yourselves.

-ManHeeLee of HWPL Chairman Quotes
at the WARP 1st Commemoration

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