HWPL News: Peace Step, In Ottawa, Canada

HWPL Takes the First Step Towards Peace in Ottawa, Canada

PeaceI ardently hope that like this News: HWPL Takes the First Step Towards Peacce in Seoul, Korea

The religious leaders from the six different religions gathered to discuss the matter of peace.

The leaders of six different religions had discussions about peace at the first World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Office conference that was held at the St. Gabriel Church in Ottawa on September 5, 2015. The conference host was Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light (HWPL) peace organization and it was attended by six clerics and 24 audience members.

The six religious leaders, adherents of Jainism, Islam, Scientology, Buddhism, Sikhism and Christianity, had discussions about the beliefs of each of their religions in regards to peace.

The event was started by a congratulatory speech by Fr. Jacques Kabangu, a Catholic priest from Ottawa.

They went on to conduct a True/False exercise to voice their opinions about peace.

Finally, the attendees signed a peace agreement that denotes that they will all become messengers of peace and work towards achieving world peace with the HWPL.

One participant, Fr. Jacques Kabangu, representing Catholic said, “It has been said that there will not be peace between nations if there is no peace among religions. It is terrible and unreasonable when a religion is promoting violence and killing in the name of its belief. It is unacceptable when a religion encourages discriminations of any kind and ignores the rights of other religions to exist and live according to their belief. No one should be forced to practice a religion or to renounce his or her religion.”

World Alliance of Religions Peace (WARP) Office is a platform to achieve world peace and create an alliance that develops understanding between religions. It originated from the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit that was held in Seoul last September by HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee and promoted the cessation of war and world peace. The event was attended by 50 former and incumbent presidents, vice presidents, and prime ministers as well as roughly 2,000 other politicians, religious representatives, leaders of women’s and youth organizations, who all gathered to form a network for peace.

At the peace summit, about 700 leaders of various faiths vowed to terminate religious conflicts. As a result, the leaders have been working hard to prevent religious conflicts by opening WARP Offices in their own countries. The religious side of the conference is used to compare and understand each religions’ scriptures. From a political and legal side, the former presidents and Supreme Court justices vowed to act as advisory committee members to the HWPL to assist in enacting an international law to realize the cessation of war.

Furthermore, in celebration of the WARP Summit’s first anniversary, HWPL will host the 1st Commemoration of the World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit in the Republic of Korea on September 18. Summit participants will include politicians, ranking religious leaders, and youth and women’s leaders from all over the world. This great event will be held ahead of the UN World Peace Day in Seoul’s Peace Plaza and will be covered by global media broadcasting stations.

It is hoped that the contributions of the Ottawa peace conference will add to the growing movement for global peace.

I sincerely hope that like this News: HWPL Takes the First Step Towards Peacce in Seoul, Korea

HWPL News: Peace Step in Ottawa, Canada

4 thoughts on “HWPL News: Peace Step, In Ottawa, Canada

  1. Okunorobo Kenneth says:

    Wonderful decision towards the right direction. With God peace can be achieved. To God be the glory. HWPL, IWPG, IPYG. more grace


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