HWPL, ManHeeLee Quotes of World Peace

HWPL, Man Hee Lee Peace Quotes For World Peace

Peacemaker ManHeeLee of HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) Quotes

Now, the work of achieving world peace and restoration of light has begun!

Proactive Step Towards the Everlasting Peace through Convention on the cessation of International Armed Conicts

Since the WARP Summit 2014, Chairman ManHee Lee and HWPL have continued to appeal to the world leaders to draft an article on convention on renunciation and cessation of wars and armed conflicts. For this section, we have highlighted the efforts of HWPL to promote such convention to bring forth the permanent peace.

ManHeeLee QuotesI believe our top priority in ending wars and establishing world peace is for the former presidents, justices from each nation, and furthermore the UN, to enact an international law—and for the current presidents from various nations to sign on the International Law for the Cessation of War and World Peace in agreement.

The second priority is concerning the world of religion.

Throughout my visits around the world, I sincerely urged for the religions to achieve a grand alliance to become one, so that religion can become the light which guides the world to end conflicts.

With that will in mind, I am hosting the WARP Summit now. I ask that you will help one another to work earnestly on creating a world of peace. Thank you.

Peace Maker, ManHee Lee of HWPL is the atomic bomb of the love and peace.

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