HWPL News, Peace Photo Exhibition

2nd Peace Campaign

Peace Photo Exhibition in Juba
Enact an International Law for the Cessation of War

HWPL News, Peace Photo Exhibition

Photo Exhibition: Sending Light Of Peace To South Sudan

HWPL PeaceLast 30th October, the peace photo exhibition hosted by IPYG and Hope Society- HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) was held in Juba, South Sudan.

About 150 participants from diverse sections who are youth leaders, university presidents and religious leaders and so on attended this event. The 8 photos which were selected at the  progressed by IPYG during August and the pictures of HWPL global peace activities have been exhibited at this event.

23 organizations had took part in the contest under the theme of ‘what peace is needed for each one’s country’ and the ‘Hope Society’, one of the organizations that participated in this event in South Sudan sponsored and cooperated with IPYG for this exhibition. The event was arranged to inform people of the possibility on achieving peace necessarily with our own effort like giving the heart and spirit of peace through this kind of event. And the festival was also the place for harmony and youth groups’ continuous interaction.

‘Peace photo exhibition’ is scheduled with the HWPL’s move, introducing the world peace declaration that was announced for the first time, World Alliance of Religions Peace Summit that was a practical turning point in establishing world peace and a starting the new era with the peace and harmony in us ,and presenting the power of youths and women groups that could change the world. Many people were delighted and acclaimed whenever the each section’s part ended.

Mart Salmon, the Head of Mission for Embassy of Spain in South Sudan requested to everyone to work for peace and thanked Hope Society and HWPL for organizing this exhibition and wish it could bear it fruits sooner.
Another participant Peter Malir Biar, the executive director of Sudan Christian Youth Ministry International (SCYMI) said that “As a peace activist for almost 9 years, I was a challenged and question myself if I was doing enough to creating a just and peaceful Society in my country. Well I felt it’s a collective efforts and it’s time to stand up and work together with IPYG to stop the killing and destruction in South Sudan and around the world.”

IPYG which is the affiliated group of the international peace organization, HWPL and the host of this event, attract world’s ears and eyes by a wide range of activities such as announcing the statement to urge for the implementation of an international convention on the cessation of war, having an online signature and peace walking campaign.

The Hope Society youth organization chief president, David John Kuc who worked for the event as a staff stated “Our members and I have prepared for a long time to hold this event. Through the peace photo exhibition which IPYG hosted, I was impressed and got inspired from HWPL activities. Many press in this event will spread the spirit of peace in South Sudan and this is a really meaningful result and an end in itself.

Meanwhile, the world representatives of youths, women, legal groups were invited to the 1st commemoration of WARP SUMMIT that was held last September to discuss about the efficient solutions of peace establishment. Also, the HWPL’s chairman ManHeeLee is continuing his walk as a peace advocate by performing global peace activities like giving a speech concerning the leader’s roles and proposing blueprint to the executives from different fields at the 70th UN general assembly.

Shortcut!! HWPL News, 2nd Peace Campaign: Peace Photo Exhibition

HWPL Peace News

Shortcut▲ HWPL News, 2nd Peace Campaign: Peace Photo Exhibition 

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