HWPL Netherlands, WARP Peace Office

HWPL, The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Offices <Netherlands>


Dialogue of Scriptures   HWPL World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Office   Organizer: HWPL Netherlands Branch


Why and why did young men around the world have to die?

For whom did they have to die?

The sacrifice of their lives is greater than the universe.

The wish of the deceased souls was surely the world peace and the restoration of light.

Their wish must have been to live in a world without war and without death. Everyone living in this globe is one family that surpasses national borders, races or religions. Why do we have to fight against one another?

Why do people have to kill others’ lives that are granted by the light, rain and the air from heaven?

If religions of the world are united, the world will also be unified.

In order for the religions to be united, all religions must be overcome by the truth.

The truth of the culture of heaven belongs to heaven, and it must be given from heaven.

HWPL, Netherlands Peace Symposium April (Practice of Peace Movement)
Only Peace theory?? No!!  Peace Practice!! Yes!! Practicing of Peace!!

♥ The World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Offices ♥

For the sake of world peace, one must transcend geographical, ethnic, and religious boundaries, and even love the enemies.
World Peace is the ultimate goal of this meeting(HWPL Netherlands Peace Symposium April).

World Peace??
An ounce of practice is worth a pound of theory!!!


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