HWPL, Jordan WARP office for world peace

HWPL opens Jordan WARP office for world peace

Gulf Time

The 4th World Alliance of Religions Office opened at the Jordan Youth Innovative Forum held in Amman, Jordan.

World Peace

The WARP office is one of the world peace movements for world peace presented by Man Hee Lee, Chairman of Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light(HWPL).

The purpose of discussion based on the scriptures in The WARP Office is cessation of wars due to religion, understanding each other, knowing the true meaning of God the Creator, based on the scriptures.

Fr. Hannah Kildani, parish priest of Catholic Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Dr Ahmed Shannaq, General Secretary of National Constitutional Party of Islam, and Dr. Yunjin Kim, Researcher of Religious Scripture of Protestantism gathered in this Jordan Youth Innovative Forum which was held at the 4th WARP Office.

Each representative presented the theme of “birth, old age sickness, and death” based on their own scriptures. During this moment, participants had a time to think about human life and death and found the answer in the scriptures.

Also, during O•X quiz time, they discussed and compared each scripture contribution under the theme of “birth, old age, sickness, and death”.

After that, all representatives signed a peace agreement for WARP Office with a mind for peace.

Also present, was Mamoun Ahmad, representative of The United Religions Initiative, Sharif Alraqqad, manager of Jordan Youth Innovative Forum. Kyoung Jae Kim who is IPYG member, present at this WARP Office commented “I am honored to attend this religious meeting.

I was impressed that minds of religious people can gather into one and I am expecting world peace to come to us soon.”

WARP Offices were scheduled in the Middle East : The next in Israel (Jan.21st) and Lebanon (Jan 27th). The WARP Offices progressing in 59 countries at 107 places is how we share religious harmony and peace that get media attention at a global level.


HWPL Peace

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