HWPL, Peace Academy

HWPL Peace Academy


We, born into the same generation and on the same earth, have received from above the grace and teachings of life, and we recognize our noble mission of leaving peace, not war, as a legacy to our future generations.

We must educate all humanity to instill in them a love of peace so that our youth will no longer be sacrificed in war.

For this purpose, we hereby resolve to participate in the peace work of HWPL as an HWPL Peace Academy and to become messengers of peace who educate about the peace movement.

hwplIn the same vein, we pledge to carry out the following:

1. We will develop an HWPL Peace Education Course through which we will educate about the work and spirit of the Peace Advocate of HWPL.

2. As an HWPL Peace Academy, we will write a textbook on HWPL activities for world peace and the cessation of war and educate students using the textbook.

3. We will become members of HWPL and the IPYG and promote the peace education to the world.

hwpl peace

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