HWPL ManHeeLee Peace advocate in America

Advancing the Light of Peace: HWPL Peace Event in America


HWPL ManHeeLee Peace advocate in America

“Advancing the Light of Pace : HWPL Peace Event”
held on November 7th was a forum bringing together people from various sectors in the Southern California region to discuss peace initiatives.

Marking his 21st World Tour, Chairman ManHeeLee started his journey by visiting Los Angeles, California to meet international heads of states, religious leaders, media and youth to speak on the urgency of a united global commitment for HWPL’s two initiatives.
The first initiative is the International Convention on the Renunciation and Cessation of War and International Armed Conflicts and the second initiative is an alliance of religions through its WARP Offices.

To a pensive audience, Chairman ManHeeLee posed the question, “How sad it is that the young people are the ones sent to war, without having a chance for their lives to fully blossom. Isn’t it our responsibility to change this? If not us, who will?”

After hearing chairman ManHeeLee’s message, educators, community leaders, and religious representatives spoke about the importance of including religious dialogue into school curriculum, expressing their commitment to work with HWPL to incorporate HWPL peacebuilding methodology into the classroom.

The forum concluded with a united unanimous raising of hands, from volunteers to leaders signifying their commitment to peace and establishing a HWPL Peace institute.

HWPL Peace

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