Peace advocate, Man Hee Lee Speech at Oxford University

Man Hee Lee Speech at Oxford University &
Biography of Man Hee Lee peace advocate


The Model United Nations Conference at the University of Oxford

On 15 November 2015, at the University of Oxford, Chairman Man Hee Lee delivered a closing speech at the Model United Nations(MUN) conference, emphasizing the significant role youth of this generation can play in making peace a reality.
“If we wish to permanently end all wars and armed conflicts, youth and women should act as watchmen of each state, overseeing the progress of the Internatonl Convention on the Cessation of War to ensure global peace.”

The Oxford MUN’s mission is to promote an incresingly global exchange of ideas and connections through collaboration among participating conferences, enabling a greater diversity and awareness of attending delegates.
This year’s Oxford International MUN was the largest and most prestigious conference to date.
Having encountered the harsh realities of war crimes against youth first hand, chairman Man Hee Lee strongly appealed to the audience and all individuals –

“Even before their precious lives fully blossom and receive proper education, should youth ever be forcibly taken away from their mothers and be trained and used as tools to satisfy the greed of others?

Man Hee LeeWe must compensate for the lives lost in the midst of all conflicts by providing access to education, especially regarding various peace initiatives to those who are still forced to carry out non-peaceful activities in the world.” At the end of his speech, chairman Man Hee Lee received a standing ovation.
Many of the participants wanted to find out more information about how they could join IPYG and be part of the peace movement.

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<Biography of HWPL Man Hee Lee Peace Advocate>

Mr. Man Hee Lee peace advocate, he is a real powerful hero of peace.
Peace maker, ManHeeLee is a Chairman of HWPL(Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light,
This movie explained why ManHeeLee decide to accomplish World Peace and his biography.

His experience of veteran of Korean war makes the power of victory peace movement.

Why don’t we watch this “Man Hee Lee Biography” movie? ▲▲▲▲▲

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