HWPL Peace Forum: Conflict or Peace? Choose!

Conflict & Peace,
Which Way Should We Choose?
That is the Question!


peace◀ Mr. Keun Park, a former UN Ambassador, speaks on the heavenly culture during his congratulatory message at the HWPL Peace Forum

“Heavenly culture is what is provided to humanity without cost just as the light, rain, and air. Today, this remarkable forum with the purpose of achieving world peace through heavenly culture offers a historical moment to awaken the urgency of the unification of the only divided nation in the world.” said Mr. Keun Park.

Monk Mujin, Dr. Son-Hwee Jang, Vice President Young-Sook Kang, Dr. Ki-Chul Lee (from left to right) deliver speech at HWPL Peace Forum.
Soon-Hwee Jang, Doctorate in Politics and Director of the Korean Institute of Cultural Security, Young-Sook Kang, Vice President of the National Unification Advisory Council, and Ki-Chul Lee, Doctorate in Theology at International Christian Mission Council spoke on the topic of “Humanity on the crossroads of conflict and peace, which way should we choose?”

peace“Political leaders of major countries proclaim peace and peaceful resolution at any chance, however, in reality, we find ironies at the lack of any instrument or tool being implemented to support their proclamation. In this world of despair, it is the hope for humanity that one person makes a tireless effort to create peace by reviving the spirit and culture of peace. Through the Mindanao Peace Agreement and the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace activities, HWPL Chairman Lee has brought hope that peace can be realized,” said Mr. Jang.

hwpl peaceChairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL is delivering  a  keynote speech at the HWPL Peace Forum on Feb. 19 ▶

In his keynote speech, HWPL Chairman Man Hee Lee said, “In the crossroads of conflict and peace, in order to cease conflicts, a law is needed. A law for humanity, the one that disposes of all means that initiate war and armed conflicts must be proposed to be implemented. HWPL is currently undertaking an international law initiative which signifies the big leap towards transforming armed weapons into daily instruments and resolving religious conflicts.”

Source: Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light ☞ http://hwpl.kr/board.php?b=lateastnews&p=view&idx=996 (HWPL)

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