HWPL WARP Office in Manila Philippines

WARP Office in Manila, Philippines

Fruit of Peace,  “HWPL WARP Office in Manila, Philippines”

ManHeeLeeOn January 28, 2016, the 11th HWPL WARP Office Meeting was held at the Bible Society in Manila, Philippines. Mr. Man Hee Lee, Chairman of HWPL, and Ms. Nam Hee Kim, Chairwoman of IWPG, attended in the midst of their 24th World Peace Tour in the Philippines. The visit to the Philippines of Chairman Lee and Chairwoman Kim, who work tirelessly for peace, was very special as it was their 7th visit to the country already.

The Peace Tour had many memorable moments that will be remembered in history: peace talks with officials of the judicial circles, signing of the MOA to designate a Philippine university as a HWPL Peace Academy, opening a HWPL Peace Exhibition at City Museum and Library, as well as the establishment of a 2nd HWPL Peace Monument in the Philippines this time located in the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) camp in the Mindanao Islands. Amidst this wave of peace, religious leaders were spurred to participate in the peace movement.

As this event was a meeting for the participants of the HWPL WARP Office in Manila, religious leaders from Protestantism, Catholicism, Islam, and Hinduism gathered together. The Manila WARP Office has had a total of 10 meetings so far and is a place that has actively engaged in the religious scripture comparison activities.

Mr. Archarya Prem Shankaranand Tirth, a Maharaj, shared his thoughts about the HWPL WARP Office. “When I first met the HWPL Philippine team, I was introduced to the WARP Dialogue and I was very much motivated by their works and especially when I saw the video clips of HWPL given to me. I felt that I must go with these people. I believe that they are really working hard in their mission for peace. When I started joining the WARP Dialogue of Scriptures, I realized that God motivated that the life of faith should be based on Scriptures. We should find all the common things with scriptures, which is the words of God as a standard for the humanity, and that we should practice the Alliance of Religions.”

peaceSister Beatrice Sanang Nanga, a participant from the Catholic Church, mentioned the significance of the WARP Office. “We speak about peace, but what do we need to do to have peace? First, we need to accept that all religions are corrupted. If all religions are corrupted, ‘what do we need to do,’ is the question. We need to repent. All of us believe that we have one God and God has given us one teaching. God does not give us many teachings. All of us, we have one teaching, but why are we all different? It is because religion is corrupted. Secondly, we all need to become one through the truth. This is to become one before the one and only God of truth. This is the true meaning of religion. I am here as a representative of Catholics, but it does not mean that all religions should be one in Catholicism. But, it means all religions should be one in the truth. Therefore, together, we must find this truth. For that reason, there is the World Alliance of Religions’ Peace Dialogue of Scriptures. This is where we do not speak about how truthful our religion is, but this is where we find truth, putting down all of our own teachings and perspectives.”

Chairman Man hee Lee emphasized during his speech, “Which religious scripture has the most trustworthy evidence? The reason for having the religious scriptures comparison meeting is so that religions can become one. Even if the promise was made in front of God and all the people of the world, if religious scriptures do not become one, then religions cannot become one. If religions do not become one, then conflicts will continue to arise that may ultimately lead to wars. Would there be peace if only the international law is enacted? No. That is not the case. When religions also become one, quarrels and conflicts will be ceased.”

Chairwoman Nam Hee Kim addressed that, following Chairman Lee’s speech, “Everyone, please lay down the religions you are currently holding on to and gather with sincerity at the WARP Offices as God will surely lead everyone to the path of fulfillment according to the prophecies. Since the unity of religions will be the most powerful weapon to fulfill world peace, I dearly hope and ask of you to constantly compare and examine the scriptures to become one in the truth under one God, so that we can spread this good news to all the religious leaders around the world.”

HWPLAll leaders who participated in the event made a pledge to actively join in the movement of peace by establishing the future development of WARP Offices throughout the Philippines. Since the Dialogue Scriptures in the HWPL WARP Office is a wide-spread peace project, the world awaits more.

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