HWPL Chairman, Man Hee Lee Biography

HWPL, World Peace Activist, Man Hee Lee Biography

<Chairman of HWPL, Man Hee Lee, is world peace advocate>

HWPL, Cause of War & Needs of World Peace

HWPL HWPLpeace peace

Wars of mankind total 14,513 times
Reason of War 80% Religious war
Victimes of war around 3.7 billion

Novel Peace Prize rewarded total 124 times
Wars have not stopped
The best gift that the heaven sent to humanity

Man Hee Lee Chairman of HWPL, Heavenly Culture World Peace, Restoration of Light

HWPL(Heavenly Culture World Peace Restoration of Light) Man Hee Lee Chairman
Whole light Man Hee Royal descendant
A Whole light Shining from the east, Man Hee is born as a royal descendant of the 500 year old Chosun Dynasty.

the tragic sacrifice of the youth
Facing the front lines in the Korean War, he witnesses the tragic sacrifice of the youth who neer even had the chance to blossom.

Miraculously returning form the hellish war, Man Hee Lee, refusing to receive not so much as a penny of the veteran’s pension, dedicates his life to compensate for the sacrifice and deaths of the youth.

Volunteer Works and a Legacy of Peace
He played an important role in gathering the hearts and spirit of the people cain the ‘new community movement’ which paved the foundation to korea as a top 10 economic powerhouse of the world.

A life devoted to out-of-sight volunteer works, volunteer group “Mannam’ has reached beyond material support to sow the spirit of loving our nation to the people
His inspirational plan moved 17,337
international and Korean Citizens to create
A Supersized Korean flag
that has been Registered on the guinness world records
and is now Displayed at the national cemetary.


The stone of the declaration for Unification of our homeland which have been placed at both ends of the frontlines of Korea.

Taking the role of what is to be the duty of the president, he is a leader who has enhanced National prestige like no other.

For those who are born in this generation this is our duty!
By ending all wars We save the Youth
It is the only way to fulfill world peace and it is the most important issue that will be a legacy for our future generations and become the llight of life

For the first time in the history of mankind he proclaims the declaration of world peace restoration of light

World peace activist Lee Man Hee
Peace walk event Leipzig, Germany
Peace walk event Berlin, Germany
Port San Pedro Peace Event
Los Angeles, United States

Takes stand at the highest Speaker’s chair
Peace Speech Cape Tow, Republic of South Africa
Religious leaders peace forum Los Angeles, United States
Peace Speech Vera Cruz, Mexico
Peace Speech ICD Symposium in Rome, Italy
“Please understand that only through this, can we end all wars and fulfill world peace”
Inter-religious peace agreement ceremony Mindanao, Philippines
The Levant initiative for global peace Unesco Headquarters in paris, France
+HWPL people participating in the tide for peace+

38 current and former presidents of 28 countries become advistry committeemembers for HWPL

HWPL fulfilling unification beyond the wall of religion Relief delivery to Romania Bucharest, Romania

Beyond the Bounderies of Ethnicity people are becoming one through HWPL
Mayor of Vera Cruz, Reward Ceremony of Appreciation Plaque Vera Cruz, Mexico
ICD Madrod symposium appreciation plaque award ceremony Madrid, Spain
Philippine Plice peace forum award ceremony of appreciation plaque Manila, Phikippine
Peace Monument floral tribute Guatemala pressntial palace

For the first in human history World Peace is fulfilled through “Heavenly Culture”

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