Stop Weaponry, Producing Tools of Life!


Stop War, Producing Peace! When?? On 14th March 2016!!

HWPL Peace

14 March 2016

A Historic Declaration that will protect Humanity
The Law of Peace is Proclaimed in the Republic of Korea

What if the international law on the cessation of war
and achievement world peace, which regulates all these things,
were implemented?

Stop Weaponry, Producing Tools of Life!

Let us stop the productions of weaponry into producing tools of life!

This is the sacrifice that must take place for the true achievement of world peace,
this is the true image of peace!

Look at the Philippines as a nation of peace as an example!


▼ [HWPL] 3.14 Proclamation Ceremony Promotion Video ▼

Stop War, Producing Peace!
14 March 2016!!

Click the below to see HWPL’s 3.14 Proclamation Ceremony of peace

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