No War, Just Peace! From Japan~

No War, Just Peace!
From Japan~

That day
I looked up the sky I was supposed to fly.
There was a war.
It hurt many people.
We lost everything, and only a life was left.
Alone in the burnt land.
I thought I would plant a seed.
No war, just peace.
<Peace for seventy years and infinity.>

Peace for 2016, 71st,,, Seventy years have passed since the end of war. <in japanese>

I thought I could choose my own future.
Nothing will change,” a friend said.
But somewhere inside I knew that’s not true.

Seventy years have passed since the end of war. The peace and prospect of post-war Japan were led by profound sacrifice of the war. We support the pacifist constitution of this country and use it for peacebuilding in north-east Asia and the world. Liberty, democracy, and universal human rights; these values are not just imagination. They are the important seeds that we were given by the past for defending liberty of people and constructing sustainable peace. The ideal of Japanese Constitution never loses its power unless we give it up. With intelligence and reason, we continue to claim for peace and respect for liberty and democracy in Asian Countries.

Peace Japan

Peace for 70 years and infinity; MESSAGE FROM JAPAN to ASIAN COUNTRIES AND THE WORLD, 2015.

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