HWPL interview, 3.14 Proclamation Ceremony

HWPL interview,
Media Invitation
to 3.14 Proclamation Ceremony

hwpl peace law

2015 HWPL International Conference
Presentation of the Convention on the Renunciation
and Cessation of War and International Armed Conflicts

HWPL (Chairman, Man Hee Lee) is a non-governmental peace organization in association the United Nations Department of Public Information(UN DPI)
HWPL has worked through its International Law
initiative to achieve peace for the purpose of ceasing all wars and armed conflicts in the world.

PeaceFathi Kemicha
Tunisia / Former Member of the UN International Law Commission

As I already mentioned, it is born from the voice of women and youths
who call for an end to conflicts which bring only destruction and no benefit to them.
The Convention is unique in this regard and will empower these marginalized people.


PeaceMohamed Elsaid Abdelgawad Abdelrahman Eldakkak
Egypt/ President of the international Law Association, Egyptian Branch

If we can reach this very ideal goal to stop the war, I think the humanity will be something different, the happiness will cover all the human communities.
This idea to draft a convention to stop all kinds of war, all kinds of armed conflict, it is a very noble value.

One thought on “HWPL interview, 3.14 Proclamation Ceremony

  1. Bailey Robbins says:

    I am so amazed to see that applicable steps are being taken to make peace a reality! HWPL really knows what they are doing and won’t stop until it becomes a reality. I’m really encouraged by this!


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