HWPL WARP Office, in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe hosts HWPL WARP Office Meeting

♦ Source: peace news    http://www.thevoicebw.com/zimbabwe-hosts-hwpl-warp-office-meeting/

hwpl peaceOn March 31st, 2016 Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) hosted the World Alliance of Religions for Peace (WARP) Office event at Bronte Hotel.

The first message to achieve world peace through uniting religions started at the WARP Summit in South Korea in September 2014.

The host Mr. Man Hee Lee said, “Since 80% of wars in the world are religiously motivated, interfaith harmony is the necessary factor in the achievement of world peace and in order to unite all religions religious leaders need to compare and contrast each scripture.”

Speakers included JanitaHargoven representative of Brahma Kumaris, ParadzaKudyakwenzara from Christian Science, Zimbabwe Council of Churches Representative David Mangemba, and Catholic Father FradereckChiromba.

JanitaHargoven showed confidence in achieving peace through contrasting and comparing religious scripture saying, “We have come to understand that they [religions] are one and the same [through the WARP Office].”

peaceParadaKudyakwenzara added that, “We all love peace and I think it is possible to bring religions together by contrasting scripture as we shared with my colleagues.”

He continued in saying that it was his first time to see an organization [like HWPL] all diverse religions together.

With the recent terrorist attacks remind all of us the urgency of peaceand religious harmony, it is imperative that all religious leaders take part in this work to cease all wars and achieve the ultimate goal of humanity, world peace.

At present, HWPL is holding approximately 142 WARP Offices in 70 countries every month, promoting true interfaith and peace between the religions.

Moreover, on the 14th of March, HWPL held a Proclamation Ceremony of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War in Seoul, South Korea, attracting attentions from Politicians, Legal experts and media globally.

peace newshttp://www.thevoicebw.com/zimbabwe-hosts-hwpl-warp-office-meeting/

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